Jocelyn Marshjaw’s Diary in the New World

jocelyn marshjaws diary in the new world 51926

Jocelyn Marshjaw has written a diary in the New World. This diary contains instructions for the next quest. You will receive an Adventurer’s Ring, 1,830XP and 105 Coins when you complete the quest. You will also have the chance to obtain useful items by keeping a diary. This quest can only be completed after killing Jocelyn Marshjaw.

The quest is quite simple: You need to rescue Jocelyn Marshjaw’s diary. Although the quest isn’t difficult, fulfilling the requirements for the quest can be challenging. One of the main problems is the inconsistent spawning of the NPC needed for the quest.

First, you will need to travel to Salty Marshes. After you have arrived at this location, you’ll be able to enter a new area. This location is a swampy area. Follow the quest marker on your map to get there. You’ll see some farmhouses buried in the ground when you reach the salt marsh. When you reach the Salty Marshes area, your objective will change to “Recover Jocelyn Marshjaw’s diary.” However, this quest may take some time to complete due to a bug.

Jocelyn Marshjaw’s Diary in the New World
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