Joe Budden Net Worth

Joe Budden Net Worth

Joe Budden’s Bio, Lifestyle and Net Worth


If you’re interested in finding out about Joe Budden’s net worth and lifestyle, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about the American rapper, who is a member of the hip-hop supergroup Slaughterhouse. This rapper has been a part of the music industry for years and is known for being a great rapper with an impressive bio Joe Budden is an American rapper

Early life

Born on August 31, 1980, Joe Budden grew up in New Jersey. He attended Lincoln High School in Jersey City. However, he was a troubled youth and often avoided school. His father was absent throughout his childhood, which influenced his music. He was sent to a residential rehab facility in North Carolina where he honed his rap skills.


He gained fame in 2003 with the top 40 hits “Pump It Up.” He has released numerous albums and appeared on numerous television shows, including MTV’s “Saturday Night Live.”His music career began with the smash hit “Pump It Up”, which instructs his audience to “pump it up.” 

Later on, his career became more established as he released albums with more artists. However, he has since left Spotify due to a disagreement about financial matters.

He devoted himself to music, putting his education on hold to focus on his music Budden is also a host of The Joe Budden Podcast, a hip-hop podcast with guests Jamil “Mal” Clay and Rory Farrell. This podcast is released bi-weekly.

Net worth

Joe Budden’s net worth is estimated to be $6 Million. It is no secret that Joe Budden is a car enthusiast. His main ride has always been a Cadillac Escalade Platinum. This model has a luxurious interior, making it perfect for Budden and his crew. It can hit a top speed of 208mph and can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 3.6 seconds.

His self-titled album reached the top spot on the US Rap charts and #2 on the R& B chart.

He has made millions from his podcasts and TV shows, as well as from his endorsements and investments. However, his primary source of wealth is from the sales of his hit songs. His albums have sold more than 200 thousand copies, making him one of the most successful hip-hop stars in the world

Drug Addiction

Budden is well known for his lyrics about drug addiction and has frequently spoken about his past drug addiction. Although he claims to be clean, he has admitted to using drugs such as pain pills and Molly. 

Joe Budden began rapping while he was in high school. Eventually, he developed a drug addiction and was checked into rehab.


Aside from his fame as a rapper, Joe Budden has also become a successful TV host and songwriter. He released his first solo mixtape, “All Love Lost,” in 2013 and followed this with Rage & The Machine in 2015. On October 21, 2016, he released a third solo album, “Rage & The Machine” in April. Slaughterhouse was a popular hip-hop supergroup in the late 2000s. 

The members of the group are prolific and have a lot of lyrical talent. They first came together on Joe Budden’s Halfway House album in 2008 and released their debut self-titled album in 2009. This supergroup was well-received and praised by critics

Slaughterhouse was founded by four renowned MCs. 

The members of the supergroup are regarded as the era when hip-hop MCs experimented and innovated. They also stay true to hip-hop’s roots and principles. The former rapper gained fame in 2003 with his hit single, “Pump It Up.

Joe Budden and other members of the supergroup released their second album, “Welcome to Our House.”


Joe Budden has two children. The first one, Trey, was born in 2001. Joe was 20 when he gave birth to Trey. Trey is now a hip-hop rap artist. His second child, Lexington Budden, was born on December 15, 2017. The two are extremely close in age. His son is the third member of the Budden family. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in North Carolina.

He was part of the hip-hop supergroup Slaughterhouse. Cyn Santana is the mother of the rapper’s son.

Cyn is a proud mom and she shared her news on social media to encourage other expecting mothers. Joe also has a son from his previous relationship, Trey, who is 16. The pair have been dating for a while and announced their pregnancy in August. 

The rapper and his former wife are arguing over custody of their son. While many fans think that the rumours may have thrown a wrench in their relationship, others think it’s all just a prank to make it look good on TV. If the rumours are true, the child could be hurt.

The rapper and Cyn Santana began dating in the summer of 2016. The couple was engaged for four months and then separated in February 2019. The couple stayed low-key about the split, although Cyn later made public statements about their relationship. 

He has a son with Esther Baxter. Esther Baxter has been in several relationships before pursuing a relationship with Joe Budden.


According to Esther Baxter, Joe Budden abused her during their relationship. She filed charges against him but later dropped them to avoid any negative publicity. Photos of the alleged abuse appeared on the Bossip website. After the release of these images, the CEO of Bossip defended his decision to publish them.

The two separated after an ugly argument that resulted in the miscarriage of Esther’s child. Esther didn’t want this information out on the streets, but Bossip was able to get hold of her and obtain police reports, a restraining order against Joe Budden, and photos of both parties.


Joe Budden has won many awards over his career in the music industry. In 2010, he won the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Mixtape. In 2013, he won the Streamy Award for Best Hip Hop Artist. In 2014, he won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip Hop Video. In 2015, he won the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Lyricist.

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In conclusion, Joe Budden is a successful artist and entrepreneur. He has overcome many challenges in his life and has become an inspiration to many. Joe Budden is proof that with dedication and hard work, anyone can achieve their dreams.

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Joe Budden Net Worth

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