John Akkara

John Akkara

John is the CEO of Smoothstack and previously led a global IT services firm headquartered in Connecticut. His expertise in investment banking and financial services was gained through roles at UBS and hedge fund Silver Point Capital.

Akkara takes pleasure in giving ex-prisoners the opportunity to start a fresh new life, leaving their past behind. Additionally, as an awareness provider and theatre therapist, he helps them develop into trained stage actors through Theatre therapy.

Early Life and Education

Nigel Akkara was born on 13th August 1978 in Kerala, India into a Catholic family. He completed his schooling from St. Xavier’s College as an Economics student before studying Human Rights at Indian Institute of Human Rights New Delhi. Subsequently he turned into an actor and made his acting debut in 2012 with Bengali film Muktodhara; he has also appeared on stage throughout India.

John Akkara has dedicated himself to social work by taking part in various initiatives that help those incarcerated get out of jail and live lives free of stigma from society. As founder of Kolahol Theatre Workshop, which brings socially stigmatized individuals into theater therapy sessions, John has produced three dramas with great success – “Balmiki Pratibha”, “Jhora Fuler Rupkatha” and “Bewarish”.

Achievements and Honors

John Akkara has earned numerous accolades for his contributions to his field. Additionally, he holds memberships in professional organizations such as the American Chemical Society, Materials Research Society, ASM International (a professional organization for materials scientists and engineers) and Sigma XI (The Scientific Research Honor Society).

His achievements in enzymology and materials sciences have been recognized through two world patents. Additionally, he has published numerous articles and books on his research.

His career as an actor began with Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy’s Bengali film Muktodhara (2012), which became a major success. Following that success, Akkara went on to star in several other movies such as Orissa (2013), Yoddha: The Warrior (2014), Rajkahini (2015) and Asamapta: Incompete (2016). Additionally, he is well known for his theater works; having produced three successful dramas.

Personal Life

John Akkara is an acclaimed actor and social worker. He has spearheaded many initiatives that assist those who were imprisoned to return to normal life, advocating for theatre therapy – a form of treatment which uses theatrical techniques to improve cognitive function and self-esteem.

The man is a passionate humanitarian who believes the best way to improve humanity’s quality of life. He does this by employing former convicts and rehabilitation them into successful members of society. Additionally, he launched a motorbike campaign for theatre therapy awareness. Most importantly though, his work stems from his religious conviction that humanity should be valued and nurtured.

John Akkara

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