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John Alm – A Notable Buffalo Businessman

John Alm is a longstanding member of the Jamestown community and was instrumental in introducing artificial ice rinks to the area. He earned notoriety by creating the first indoor ice rink in Jamestown – located inside his barn!

Alm was an inspiring mentor and coach, sharing his enthusiasm for hockey with countless players who visited his barn. To foster learning opportunities in Buffalo, Lockport and beyond, he organized travel teams that played matches to teach the game.

Early Life and Education

Alm, the beloved “golden boy” of Orland Park, went on to earn multiple All-American honors while at Notre Dame and was eventually drafted by the Houston Oilers in 1990. Throughout his playing days, Alm made sure to support local sports groups too – lending equipment and offering friendly advice whenever teams visited his home turf. Furthermore, he organized multiple travel teams around Buffalo area including Lockport, Orchard Park, Clarence and Tonawanda.

Alm’s impact on the community has been felt for generations, with numerous philanthropic organizations and awards that honor him locally, state and nationally. Notable among these are the Jeff Alm Community Health Center in Orland Park, Orland Park Museum of Science & History and Jeff Alm Football Complex at Notre Dame – all named in honor of him.

Professional Career

Alm was previously employed at Coca-Cola as the global anti-bribery counsel, compliance officer and head of internal and governmental investigations. During his tenure there, he conducted in-person trainings, audits and investigations across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East; additionally providing advice on compliance-related due diligence in international M&A transactions.

Through his life, Alm was known for his passion for hockey and shared it with others. In 1966, he converted his barn into the area’s only covered ice rink for public skating, offering lessons and clinics on the sport.

Alm’s passion for hockey helped shape a generation of local hockey players. His rink also served as an anchor for youth travel teams to compete against other local organizations and teams.

Achievements and Honors

John Alm is a well-known figure in the community for his contributions to sports. He founded Driftwood Ice Rink and fostered figure skating, youth and adult ice hockey programs.

He served as a mentor, teacher and coach. To further the sport of his choice, he organized travel teams that visited Buffalo, Lockport, Orchard Park, Clarence, Tonawanda and Cheektowaga among other locations to teach players the sport.

He has served on the Board of Directors for the Aberdeen School District since 2011, serving his 13th year on the board.

Personal Life

John Alm was unmistakably a Chicagoan throughout his professional football career. A devout member of Greenwich Church and longtime member of Lake Shore Drive enthusiasts club, he also supported his beloved Bears with passion. But perhaps most notably for him was his work as steward at Chicago Symphony Center as music director and conductor for over two decades; for this incredible service to the arts he received numerous awards and accolades from peers alike – making him an apt successor to those before him in this endeavor.

At heart, he was a true Chicagoan who was willing to sacrifice for the betterment of his city. An enthusiastic admirer of astronomy, his enthusiasm for space exploration permeated every aspect of his life. Additionally, he had become an accomplished amateur photographer and tinkerer by passion; always on the lookout for an enjoyable moment. Unfortunately, however, the highs and lows of professional life eventually took its toll on his health and wellbeing, ultimately leading to his untimely passing away.

Net Worth

John Alma is an esteemed Chief Financial Officer with a net worth of between $1-5 Million. His wealth has been accrued through his professional career as both a Chief Financial Officer and banker. With many years of experience under his belt, it’s safe to say that John has earned every cent of it through hard work and success.

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John Alm

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