John Azar

John Azar

John Azar is the owner of Azar Sausage Co. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Azar Sausage has become a staple of the community.

The family-owned business has grown to produce several sausage varieties, including hot smoked and knockwurst. As a third generation operator, Azar continues to develop new products and increase sales.

Early Life and Education

john azar was born and raised on Matlacha, a small island off the southwest coast of Florida. He earned his bachelor’s degree from East Tennessee State University, where he studied acting, design, and theatre history.

He also holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. He is currently licensed as a psychologist in Georgia.

In his professional life, john azar has held a number of important positions. He served as president of Eli Lilly and Company for a few years, and he was also senior vice president of corporate affairs and communication at the pharmaceutical company.

He is also the owner of a consulting firm that provides strategic counsel to the biopharmaceutical and health insurance industries. He has defended the pharmaceutical industry’s pricing practices and has opposed suggestions that Medicare be allowed to negotiate drug prices, something that Donald Trump advocated during his campaign.

Professional Career

John Azar has worked in a variety of professional fields. He is a licensed clinical psychologist who practices in police and forensic psychology, providing support to law enforcement professionals involved in critical incidents, training officers in advanced de-escalation, crisis management, mental health issues and officer wellness.

He also provides a range of services to attorneys, agencies and judicial systems in the form of forensic psychological evaluations that provide insight into violent tendencies, sexual offending, psychopathology, parental fitness and child custody risks. He has taught in a variety of programs, including Force Science, a law enforcement program covering human performance in use-of-force encounters and crisis management skills.

He is the founder of Peak 15 Capital, a capital advisory and syndication firm that focuses on Southeast focused commercial real estate operators/sponsors. He directs acquisitions, strategic development, investor/client growth and new syndications.

Achievements and Honors

Azar graduated from Granby High School in 2017 and will study Business Administration at the University of Virginia. A National Honor Society member, varsity wrestler, and football team captain, he excelled in both academics and athletics working part-time.

A devoted volunteer, he volunteered his time with We Feed Norfolk and the Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team. He also was an Eagle Scout and participated in the Granby Elementary School mentoring program.

Azar is also a commercial real estate expert and was recently recognized with a Silver Phoenix award, an honor bestowed on brokers who have sold at least $1 million in properties over a 25-year period. He is a member of the Georgia Tech Commercial Real Estate Club and has helped sell over $225 million in commercial properties.

Personal Life

John Azar is a well-known real estate investor who has been able to build a significant wealth. He shares his inspiring story of overcoming the odds and finding success in America.

He is also the founder and Managing Partner of Peak 15 Capital, a firm that specializes in helping commercial real estate operators and sponsors with their capital stack. He is also an advisory board member of several Charlotte based companies.

Azar has a strong passion for real estate, especially residential real estate. He owns and manages a number of properties around the country. He is currently focused on developing a private equity portfolio for his company, which he plans to grow to over $500 million by the end of 2019.

Net Worth

John Azar is a photographer, filmmaker and historian. He has covered the Middle East and Arab culture since 1981. His photographs have appeared on the front pages of The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune and the Economist.

His work has been featured in a number of museums and galleries, including the United States Customhouse in San Francisco and the International Center of Photography in New York. He has also been a guest lecturer at several universities and has published numerous books on the subject of the Arab world and its history.

In addition to his photographic work, Azar has made several documentaries on the Middle East and Arab culture. He and Mariam Shahin have produced over 50 films for the international satellite news network, Al Jazeera.

John Azar

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