John Boylston

John Boylston

John Boylston is an attorney who struggles with mental health conditions such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Dysthymia. To raise awareness about these disorders and encourage others to seek treatment, he hopes to inspire others.

The Boylston family was a prominent New England family, as well as being an influential political force.

Early Life and Education

John Boylston was born in Braintree, Massachusetts to Deacon John Adams and Susanna Boylston – descendants of the first Puritan settlers of New England. His father served as a local selectman while his mother was descended from one of Deacon John Adams’ disciples.

He graduated from Harvard College in 1755 and then taught grammar school for three years before opting to pursue a career in law.

In 1721, a smallpox epidemic broke out in Boston. Doctor Cotton Mather of Boston had learned from a slave that vaccination with smallpox was often done in Africa to avoid an eventual severe case; thus he passed this knowledge along to Boylston who began inoculating his patients that year.

Professional Career

John Boylston was an incredible manager and teammate, inspiring large teams at Digital Equipment Corporation (1976-1996) and RSA Security (1996)-2001. As a leader by example, his impact was felt across both organizations.

He inspired countless individuals to craft their own unique visions of success. He encouraged them to be open to suggestions and actively listen to what others had to say.

John made an impact in his field by his capacity for problem-solving. As a structural engineer, John had unique insight into how technology can be applied to real world issues.

Achievements and Honors

John Adams served as President of the United States for eight years and was an inspiring visionary who strived to push America towards its greatest potential. Additionally, he was an ardent philanthropist, striving to improve lives across America.

After graduating from Harvard College, Adams taught grammar school in Worcester, Massachusetts before enrolling at James Putnam Law School. Ultimately, he chose to pursue a career in law and returned home to Braintree to practice.

Boylston earned several awards and honors during his time at Harvard for his involvement in extracurricular activities and community service. As a result, he received many recognitions.

Personal Life

John Boylston Adams was a prominent American family, the cousin of Boston philanthropist Ward Nicholas Boylston and uncle Zabdiel Boylston, the first American physician to perform surgery. Additionally, he served as a loyalist during the Revolutionary War.

He served in the Massachusetts legislature, but resigned a year later for unknown reasons. Additionally, he served as chief justice of Massachusetts and contributed to Port Folio, a political journal published by Harvard University Press.

He was married to Abigail Smith, sister of John Quincy Adams. Together they had a daughter named Abigail Amelia and son named Thomas Boylston Adams.

Net Worth

John Boylston, whose father was a Boston tax collector, is one of America’s wealthiest people. He’s been giving to charity for decades and boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $3 billion.

He’s a generous philanthropist, contributing part of his fortune to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Additionally, he supports the Boston Pops Orchestra by hosting exclusive Presidents at Pops events.

Hostetter was the pioneer who predicted cable TV’s future and sold Continental Cablevision for $11.6 billion. He owns a Beacon Hill mansion and holds stakes in various businesses.

He holds a substantial stake in Allied Advertising and Boston Culinary Group, an empire that owns restaurants, movie theaters, and ski resorts. Furthermore, he’s part owner of the $200 million Westin hotel being built at the convention center.

John Boylston

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