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John Bozzelli – Mastering the Art of Injection


John Bozzelli combines the art of molding with the science of repeatability and standardization. For over two decades, he has been teaching practical techniques that molders can use to get their process in gear – an approach known as scientific molding.

He has achieved national recognition through ten patents, over 60 papers on plastics processing and machine specifications, as well as his more than 12 years on the seminar circuit. He is an expert in resin characterization and analysis as well as practical, hands-on injection molding training.

Early Life and Education

Bozzelli had an incredibly hands-on upbringing, learning everything he could from his father who owned a heating and air conditioning business that specialized in historic downtown homes. At just 13 years old, he started running water lines, wiring trailers and doing any job that needed doing. Furthermore, his dad enrolled him into one of the first heating and cooling courses offered at Trident Technical College which prepared him for employment within this industry.

He mostly stuck to the family business, helping his cousin Michael Gaudet and wife Cassidy restore an established name in heat and air business. Utilizing both modern technology and vintage methods, he managed to keep revenues high while keeping staff contented. This company has endured two generations and counting.

Professional Career

John Bozzelli is a plastics engineer with expertise in diagnosing and solving complicated molding issues. He lectures and consults in this area of scientific molding technology.

After earning his BS in polymer science from Marietta College and MS in polymer engineering from Ohio University, he spent twenty years with Dow Plastics. Additionally, he has served as seminar leader for RJG Associates, Injection Molding Magazine, the University of Wisconsin, General Polymers, and PolyOne.

He is a nationally-recognized expert on resin characterization and analysis, having taught practical injection molding training for over 30 years in plastics, rubber, LIM/LSR, metals, wax, ceramics, medical validations and the use of Infrared Thermography. Additionally he serves on the faculty of the American Injection Molding Institute and has presented seminars to over 100 companies both domestically and abroad.

Achievements and Honors

John Bozzelli is a highly-regarded injection molding instructor who offers one-on-one troubleshooting and seminars across the US. Drawing upon his research and chemical engineering background, his instruction utilizes an analytical mindset and logical approach that seeks to dispel injection molding’s “black art” reputation, trading myth for science.

He is a founding member of Scientific Molding, an NJ-based company that assists engineers with their most challenging plastics problems through injection molding solutions and support. His extensive knowledge and experience make him an invaluable asset to the entire industry – especially newcomers to the process.

He has received a variety of awards and honors, such as the Leo Hendrik Baekeland Award for US-based chemists under 40 who have made noteworthy contributions in pure or applied chemistry; the Award for Creativity in Molecular Design and Synthesis; and Sr. Marian Jose Smith Excellence in Education Award, which encourages students to pursue successful careers in chemistry.

Personal Life

John Bozzelli earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Marietta College, Ohio but his military service in Vietnam saw him earn both a Purple Heart and Silver Star for his service.

Over two and a half decades, he has been actively engaged in the plastics industry. As one of North America’s foremost experts on polymers and resins, he has become known as an injection molding expert. For 15 years now he has been providing one-on-one troubleshooting and teaching practical techniques to bring science into plastic manufacturing processes; plus he finds time to be a philanthropist by offering his services free of charge to help molders keep their sanity.

John Bozzelli

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