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John Brackney – A Profile of a Public Policy and

Community Leader

John Brackney is a former Arapahoe County Commissioner and CEO of the South Metro Denver Chamber. With two decades of leadership in this region under his belt, he brings extensive expertise to his new position.

He served in the military, was elected official and military officer, and his passion for leadership continues to drive him to make a positive impact on South Metro Denver’s community.

Early Life and Education

John Brackney was born in Ohio to parents who tragically passed away when he was young. Raised by his grandfather, John spent most of his formative years learning how to read and write.

He attended school during his early years and then worked on the farm. The work ethic he learned during these formative years would become one of his strongest influences throughout life.

After his father’s passing, he wed Mary Wilson, a daughter of Arthur Wilson who was from Ohio and also an active Methodist member.

They had a large family; of the eleven born to them, four are still living. Lucinda (Mrs. Joseph Graves); Reuben, deceased; Mrs. Sally Hannum (whose husband served in the civil war); and Arthur J. who now resides in White county).

Professional Career

John Brackney’s career has taken him from law school to his current position at the South Metro Denver Chamber. There, he promotes economic health, responsible and effective government, entrepreneurial activity and informed decision making with a goal of upholding and improving quality of life in South Metro Denver and throughout Colorado.

Born and raised in Littleton/Centennial, he has served in a variety of leadership roles throughout the community. He served as member of Arapahoe County Commissioner and Chairman of Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority at Centennial Airport; furthermore, he volunteered for numerous civic and community organizations; ultimately becoming one of the founding members of Centennial City Hall.

Recently, Brackney gave a Professional Journeys discussion to Carnegie Mellon University students. She shared stories from her life and career, such as how she overcame obstacles to become the police chief of Charlottesville, Virginia. In her address, she encouraged students to take action and find allies/allies while striving for an improved world.

Achievements and Honors

John Brackney is an incredibly accomplished and well-rounded individual. A graduate of Littleton High School, he went on to attend the University of Northern Colorado before earning a law degree from the University of Denver.

He is currently President of the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, a regional organization representing more than 1,600 businesses and 100,000 employees across four counties and 16 cities in South Metro Denver. During his time at SMDCC, he has spearheaded economic development initiatives and public policy initiatives that aim to improve lives for local citizens, promote collaboration between regional organizations, and enhance quality of life within the region.

He is a successful businessman in his own right and well-regarded in the local community. As a father of two, his interests include being outdoors, hiking and running.

Personal Life

John Brackney has been an influential leader in public policy and community problem solving for two decades. He is currently Director of Public Policy & Community Engagement at Webolutions, as well as having previously served as President & CEO of South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce.

He served two terms as Arapahoe County Commissioner (with one term as Chair in 2000). A graduate of Littleton High School, he is also a member of the Colorado National Guard.

Brackney served as president and CEO of the South Metro Denver Chamber for 10 years, retiring in 2014. Throughout his career, he has guided the Chamber to become an advocate in economic health, responsible government policy making, entrepreneurial activity and effective decision-making. A passionate supporter of his community, Brackney has helped make South Metro Denver an exciting place to live, work and play.

Net Worth

John Brackney is an executive with Novitas, a company providing public relations, marketing and social media services to businesses and organizations. With the company for over 16 years, he currently serves as President North America with an estimated net worth of $4 million. To learn more about John Brackney, just type in his first and last name along with his city of residence on our homepage – we’ll provide all the relevant info including contact info as well as links to his social profiles. Alternatively, use our advanced search feature for a more detailed report.

John Brackney

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