John Briscella

John Briscella

John Briscella is an acclaimed designer who creates products to convey new spatial concepts for cities. His works incorporate simple ideas into daily life and environments in small, incremental steps up through large-scale urban compositions.

He founded a studio that researches complex systems and emerging technologies as an approach to designing 21st century products. His designs utilize 3D printing as a method for producing high-quality items.

Early Life and Education

John was proud to be associated with such renowned names as William Shakespeare and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, having earned his degree from Harvard University and becoming a noted scholar. He made significant contributions to American culture during World War II while serving as executive officer for the United States Navy; one of his most memorable assignments being commanding the USS Midway for over three years.

Professional Career

John Briscella is an American designer, urbanist, technologist, and entrepreneur. His projects involve using emerging technology to explore the intersection of art, science, and complexity. At present he co-founded AMiNiMAL studio where he creates furniture pieces using generative design software like nTopology; additionally he founded Martenero watch company that offers direct-to-consumer sales channels.

Briscella’s latest furniture collection, Continuum 3, is an exploration of emerging production techniques that reimagines modern design icons by employing advanced fabrication and algorithmic software. While featuring classic forms and dimensions from Eames and Saarinen as well as others, the transitions are subtle in keeping with continuum theories’ mathematical models. These works communicate new urban concepts from micro to large-scale urban compositions.

Achievements and Honors

John Briscella has been recognized for his accomplishments by the Philadelphia Basketball Association (PLA), awarding him with the George Paull Memorial Award – a prestigious prize given to varsity players for outstanding leadership and dedication on and off the court.

Special awards include the Ferguson Award, which recognizes top academic performers. This accolade is given to males from Germantown Friends, SJ Prep, MaST, Neumann-Goretti and La Salle who have excelled in school and on the court.

Female recipients of Ferguson awards include Alynn Phelan from Hallahan, Sarah Ostaszewski from Ryan and Ayanna Matthews from Penn Charter; Natalie Kucowski of St. Basil who won the Players of the Year award, as well as Lilly Bolen from Germantown Academy.

Personal Life

Briscella not only designs some of the best-looking 3D printed furniture available, but she is an avid traveller and philanthropist at heart. He and his partner Lana Blum run Aminimal, which offers the latest high-tech protofabrication techniques as well as their own line of generatively designed furniture. They are passionate about pushing the limits of creativity and innovation in design and technology, which makes sense given their goals. Ubuy has achieved success thanks to their stellar team and unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics. If you’re in search of the latest in fashion, decor, tech gadgets and more – Ubuy is your one-stop shopping destination for all your needs.

John Briscella

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