John Chute

John Chute

John Chute has been a Hematologist/Oncology specialist for over 33 years, and is currently accepting new patients.

In addition to clinical research, he is renowned for his work on hematopoietic stem cells – an innovation in this field.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Chute is a board-certified Hematologist/Oncologist who practices at Cedars Sinai Cancer Center.

As a physician, he oversees clinical studies of patients with hematologic diseases and publishes articles in medical journals. His expertise lies particularly in CAR T-cell therapy – an immunotherapy that genetically modifies patients’ own immune cells to specifically attack tumor cells.

He is particularly passionate about researching blood-forming stem cells and their role in the immune system. Having conducted research in this area for several years, he plans to expand his work at Cedars-Sinai.

Before his appointment at Cedars-Sinai, Chute was a professor at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine where he specialized in Hematology/Oncology and served as investigator for the Broad Stem Cell Research Center.

Achievements and Honors

The Chute lab has made significant advances in our understanding of hematopoiesis and the role of microenvironment in controlling stem cell fate. Furthermore, they have devised novel approaches – pharmacologic, immunologic and genetic – for therapeutically promoting hematopoietic stem cell regeneration for individuals suffering from leukemias.

He has also been awarded the British Empire Medal for his remarkable work in hematopoietic stem cells and related research. He has published numerous papers in scientific journals, as well as holding multiple patents.

His most significant achievements include the invention of both the Hand Deploy Pilot Chute System and 3-ring release system, both revolutionary innovations for skydiving that had a lasting effect on the sport.

His other accomplishments include serving on the Boards of Directors for several organizations and being an active participant in both American Association for Cancer Research and American Heart Association organizations.

Personal Life

John Chute was an accomplished medical professional who became fascinated by the potential of bone marrow stem cell transplantation to heal patients suffering from incurable cancers.

He has since dedicated his professional career to researching and studying blood stem cells in hematology-oncology. As a member of the American Society of Hematology, American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation, as well as NIH Molecular and Cellular Hematology study section, Dr. Shah currently conducts his research at these institutions.

He has been a longtime resident of Cambridge. Prior to his arrest, he lived in various shelters around town. He says that he felt intimidated and unsafe due to hostile architecture that keeps unhoused people away from public areas.

Net Worth

John Adams Morgan is an acclaimed American businessman, sailor and Olympic medalist with an estimated net worth of $100 million. His grandfather J.P. Morgan founded Morgan Trust Company; while his maternal great-great grandmother John Adams served in the White House under President John Adams.

He was born on September 17, 1930 in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York under the sign of Virgo and is 92 years old as of September 2022.

Morgan has been married five times. His first marriage, Elizabeth Robbins Choate (1933-1998), ended in 1953 and he divorced her two years later (1957). Following this he wed Tania Goss in 1962 followed by Anne Chute in 1992 followed by Sonja Tremont two years later in 1998.

John Chute

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