John Devault

John Devault

John Devault is a Florida lawyer specializing in civil and criminal litigation. He served as past chair of the Florida Bar’s Trial Lawyers Section and currently serves on their Moot Court Team.

Devault’s article in the Collegian makes numerous false assertions about model railroading and student organization. His opinions on both are not grounded in fact and could do irreparable damage to model railroading’s future at Penn State.

Early Life and Education

John Devault was born in November 1919 and currently resides in Fairmont, West Virginia. A graduate of Fairmont State University and recipient of an EdD in Educational Planning, Policy and Leadership from the College of William & Mary in 2020, Devault holds a master’s degree from Fairmont State University.

His early career included service in the United States Army and as an officer aboard the USS Coral Sea during the Korean War. Furthermore, he worked at the University of Wisconsin Department of Mathematics Education.

He was an academic who loved learning and connecting to people as both a friend and teacher. In his free time he enjoyed gardening, growing dahlias, photography and travel; with his wife Marge they spent part of each year on St. George Island near Apalachicola, Florida where they made many lasting friendships.

Professional Career

He is a legal expert, having practiced law in the state’s most populous county since 1992. His areas of specialization include trial and appeals of complex commercial litigation as well as legal malpractice defense.

He is an enthusiastic fine arts enthusiast, serving as music student-teacher supervisor and staff accompanist at The College of Wooster. In recognition of his teaching, service to the association and professional outreach efforts, he earned himself the Ohio Music Education Association’s coveted Distinguished Service Award. Through data-driven research he identified successful practices and effective tools that would help students succeed. Among other achievements, he identified ways to utilize technology effectively to enhance learning outcomes and reduce dropout rates; additionally he created an engaging online course using gamification to boost student engagement and retention rates.

Achievements and Honors

John devault has long been acknowledged as one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial geophysics minds. His ability to design and carry out large-scale initiatives that can make a real impact on both our communities and planet have earned him his admiration. Notable accomplishments include the development of several patented technologies, the formation of numerous industry partnerships and the assembling of an impressive group of scientists, engineers and explorers. Truly one of the most accomplished individuals you will ever come across – truly remarkable in every sense! He is a true Renaissance man, passionate about science and social interaction alike. Despite having an overwhelming array of personal and professional commitments, he always finds time to give back to his chosen field of research.

Personal Life

Vere Devault was an active member in his community and enjoyed spending time with many friends. In addition, he pursued knowledge through travel and classical music.

He was an accomplished academic who published several books and academic articles on strategies for individualizing mathematics instruction, as well as methods of using computers in elementary education. Furthermore, he enjoyed tutoring students who were struggling in certain courses.

He served as executive director of advising and career success at Fairmont State University. He earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from FSU, a master’s in educational administration from Virginia, and an Ed.D in educational planning, policy and leadership from the College of William & Mary – all before passing away December 9, 2010.

John Devault

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