John Dimatteo

John Dimatteo

John Dimatteo is an esteemed intellectual property lawyer who litigates patent cases before federal courts and the International Trade Commission. Additionally, he handles disputes involving trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

He boasts an impressive record of success in litigating high-value patents, leading to millions of dollars recovered for his clients. Furthermore, he is highly regarded in the litigation community for his ability to work collaboratively with other parties and professional associations.

Early Life and Education

John Dimatteo was born in Italy and raised in Cleveland, Ohio with his parents Salvatore and Mary Dimatteo as well as siblings Anthony, Josephine, and Frances. Upon graduation from North High School he served in the United States Navy as an Electrician’s Mate 2nd Class on board the USS Jason (AR-8), serving as its plank owner.

After retiring, he became a consultant for the Bernard Osher Foundation and trustee on 17 boards. He enjoyed traveling, recently circumnavigating the globe. Above all else, he was an adoring husband and father who put his family first. Survived by his loving wife Patricia DiMatteo; and daughter Susan Keiler; as well as many friends and loved ones, he will be missed by those he left behind.

Professional Career

John Dimatteo has over 26 years of expertise in the financial services sector. He currently works for DiMatteo Group, located in Shelton, and also serves as president of one of its divisions – DiMatteo Group Financial Services.

His career has been dedicated to intellectual property law. He has represented Fortune 500 companies in high-value patent litigation before federal courts and the International Trade Commission, winning multiple cases for his clients and earning recognition from esteemed professional groups and associations.

He has also coached baseball for College of the Desert in southern California and volunteers his time to various local and national charities. When not coaching baseball, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Achievements and Honors

John Dimatteo was one of Portland’s most successful businessmen, leading Guy Gannett Publishing Company for 13 years and serving on numerous corporate boards.

John was not only an accomplished businessman, but a hero as well. During the Korean War he earned himself the Bronze Star for his bravery.

He was an outstanding husband and father, dedicated to his family. Additionally, his leadership in the community had a lasting effect.

John is most proud of the fact that he was able to make a difference in thousands of lives. He never sought recognition or promotion, instead dedicating himself to making his family life and community better. John’s selflessness serves as an example to us all.

Personal Life

John DiMatteo lived a life filled with love, laughter and family. As both husband and father he had the gift of making others feel special. In addition to traveling, dining at Anton & Michel’s in Carmel, hosting dinner parties for friends and family members alike, cheering for his favorite baseball team while dancing the night away with Carole by his side were some of his favorite activities.

He was an exemplary family man, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of his loved ones and in the community. As trustee on 17 boards and consultant for the Bernard Osher Foundation – which supports higher education and the arts – he earned many honors including being named Man of the Year by Portland Kiwanis Club in 1996.

Net Worth

John Dimatteo is a certified financial planner based in Shelton, Connecticut and member of Commonwealth Financial Network with over 34 years of experience. Additionally, he holds a Series 63 license which permits him to provide securities advice. John has extensive knowledge that allows him to help his clients maximize their wealth. Furthermore, John enjoys travelling the world – an 18 month journey around the world included!

DiMatteo is the president of his family-owned insurance agency, which he runs alongside sisters Loretta, Rosemarie and Victoria. As second generation owners to manage it since its beginnings in Shelton, Washington, seven offices now exist across the region.

John Dimatteo

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