John Flaming

John Flaming

Flaming, who was raised in suburban Kansas before moving to Texas, was heavily inspired by trips to his grandparents’ two-thousand-acre cattle ranch. Now his paintings depict the American West–large canvases featuring geometric cowboys holding calves, riding horses and crouching around campfires.

Flaming’s work embodies both Texas regionalist aesthetic and universal narrative, offering warm memories of simpler days while simultaneously reflecting social change and transformation in the state. His paintings convey both these sentiments simultaneously.

Early Life and Education

John Flaming was born in Lancaster, England to impoverished parents. To support himself and his siblings, John built model boats and engines as a hobby.

He had an aptitude for geometric drawing, and by the age of 11, had established his own workshop. With a passion for engineering, he would continue to craft models throughout his life.

Fleming achieved great success despite his poverty, earning an education in electrical engineering and becoming one of the most renowned scientists of his era. He wrote numerous influential books on electrical engineering, many of which remain in print today. Furthermore, he received many accolades throughout his lifetime.

Professional Career

John Flaming was one of the most beloved American pop stars of the 1970s and an innovator in psychedelic rock fusion music. Not only did his songs ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’ and ‘Lonesome Guitar Strangler’ achieve international success, but he also played a significant role in shaping the careers of numerous other rock icons.

In the professional arena, he earned several prestigious recognitions. These included the AISES most promising engineer or scientist award, which recognizes an individual who has demonstrated early technical excellence with significant career accomplishments.

Achievements and Honors

John Flaming is a multi-disciplined designer, illustrator and painter with an affinity for small town Texas and the Southwest. His fine art exhibits elements of Texas regionalism as well as strong narrative elements that will captivate viewers’ attention.

Self-taught in Texas, Flaming creates his artwork using watercolor, oil and found materials. He has displayed his works in multiple locations and galleries throughout the state of Texas.

He has earned a variety of awards and recognition, including the coveted Blazing Flame award presented by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) for advancing Indigenous peoples’ inclusion in STEM fields.

Personal Life

John Fleming was a quiet, patient man who shied away from accolades and attention. He could be brusque or distant at times, yet charmingly kind when interacting with friends and loved ones.

He treasured solitude and silence for prayer, as well as time to meditate on Holy Scriptures. He believed that our deepest desire was for union with God.

He worked as a teacher and saved diligently for his college education. Ultimately, he attended University College London, becoming professor of electrical engineering in 1885. Additionally, he conducted research into transformer theory. Over the course of his career, he published over one hundred scientific papers and books.

Net Worth

John Flaming is an acclaimed writer, actor and singer with a net worth of $10 Million. He has penned multiple books and appeared in films such as ‘Little Britain’.

He has earned three BAFTA Awards and a British Comedy Award throughout his career. Currently, he resides in London with his wife and son.

In addition to his writing career, he has also appeared in a few television shows. With an active social media presence, he often posts about his travels and life in the UK.

He prefers to keep his personal and love life private, though it is believed that he has had some brief relationships in the past. Additionally, he has been linked to several celebrities.

John Flaming

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