John Follo

A Biography of John Follo

John Follo is a renowned actor and artist. He has been involved in multiple projects that have earned him international recognition.

He currently resides in Toms River, NJ and has lived there for around three years.

Professional Career

Making the right career choice can make life more satisfying and rewarding, while contributing to the development of a community. John Follo has served as an officer with the Santa Ana Police Department for 29 years, supervising their Strike Force team and leading their response to high-risk scenarios. His dedication has earned him widespread respect within his department as well as from those around him.

John has extensive tax preparation expertise, having served in the Strike Force since 2013. With this extensive background has enabled him to provide quality services to his clients. Get in touch with John today and request a quote; you can also learn more about John by running a search on his name to uncover past addresses, relatives and phone numbers.

Achievements and Honors

John Follo has had an illustrious career. He was a renowned writer and publisher who co-founded Reader’s Digest and National Geographic Traveler magazines, as well as having an illustrious television career that lasted for many years.

He has received numerous honors for his achievements, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Can Company Foundation and an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Macalester College.

This prize is presented by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science to a junior or senior majoring in mathematics or computer science in recognition of an exceptional academic record, demonstrated dedication, and enthusiasm for their field. It recognizes those students who have demonstrated significant commitment by tutoring K-12 students or engaging in education policy development after graduation.

Personal Life

John Follo is a proud father of five and retired member of the Santa Ana Police Department, where he led one of America’s premier SWAT teams. Additionally, he had served on both narcotics and vice squads before joining Strike Force as its first officer. To cap it all off, John received the department’s top award – the Distinguished Service Award – as well as receiving Major status with several other honors. To learn more about John’s remarkable career, check out this comprehensive biography.

Net Worth

John Follo is a decorated officer who served in law enforcement for 29 years. As a former Santa Ana police sergeant and supervisor of their Strike Force team – an elite unit that hunts bad guys – Follo was part of this elite unit for over 10 years, combatting narcotics trafficking and terrorism.

He boasts a net worth of $800 million, an incredible sum for any law enforcement officer. Additionally, he’s part of the National Law Enforcement Officers Association and former board member of the United States Olympic Committee. Additionally, he has made an impact in his community through volunteer work with organizations like Red Cross or other humanitarian groups – serving as an inspiring example of service and leadership.

John Follo

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