John Greenside

John Greenside

John Green is an acclaimed American author renowned for his novel The Fault in Our Stars. He has also penned several other works.

He earned his degree in English and Religious studies from Kenyon College, followed by a stint as a chaplain at a Chicago children’s hospital. Although this experience dissuaded him from becoming a priest, it also spurred him on to pursue writing as his profession.

Early Life and Education

John Greenside was born in St Mary’s Street and at 15 years old fell from a ship dock, injuring himself and making him deformed. He was taken to a baby home before being placed into a mental asylum where he stayed for 9 months.

Thankfully, Alan and Sarah Philps, his friends in the baby house, intervened to save him. They worked tirelessly to free him from there and eventually placed him with adoptive mother Paula Lahutsky of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

After college, he began his career with the Job Corps where he specialized in helping inner city youth make decisions about their education and careers. This work was both deeply satisfying and an obvious fit for him.

Professional Career

John Greenside is an experienced financial advisor based in Morton, Illinois. He holds licensures in life and health insurance as well as retirement planning.

He has been in the industry for over 25 years and possesses in-depth knowledge of local employee benefits and retirement planning. A charismatic leader, his expertise is tailored to fit the individual needs of his clients.

In addition to his career as a financial advisor, he is an ardent philanthropist. He donates an extensive portion of his net worth towards charity organizations.

Achievements and Honors

John’s commitment to education and social justice inspired him to serve as an AmeriCorps Volunteer in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. Subsequently, he earned a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

John founded the JAGS Tour upon returning to his hometown, helping junior golfers realize their college aspirations through competitive play and hard work. Within 15 years, this tour has grown from zero to over 5,500 junior golfers.

John was a heart transplant recipient and active member in local community organizations such as Cathance River Education Alliance in Topsham. John’s lifelong dedication and hard work have touched many lives; his love and admiration by those who knew him will endure forever.

Personal Life

John Michael Greenside is a young adult fiction writer and YouTube content creator renowned for his distinctive voice, which has greatly influenced how young adults read and respond to books.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in English and religious studies from Kenyon College, though his experience as a student chaplain at Chicago Children’s Hospital ultimately inspired him to pursue writing instead.

In January 2018, he launched The Anthropocene Reviewed, a podcast where he rates different aspects of the Anthropocene on a five-star scale. These essays would later be expanded into his debut nonfiction book entitled “The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet,” published by Dutton Penguin in 2021.

Net Worth

John Green is a renowned author whose books have been made into movies. His debut work, Looking for Alaska, quickly went on to become an international best seller and earned him many royalties.

Green is not only a novelist but an avid YouTuber as well. Together with his brother, he launched the YouTube channel ‘Vlogbrothers’ in 2007 to showcase their videos.

According to numerology, his life path number is 2. He is driven by community and harmony.

He owns a business that provides waste disposal services in western Connecticut, Westchester and Putnam counties. Additionally, he has one year old son as well as two homes located in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

John Greenside

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