John Hom and Ken Hom

John Hom and Ken Hom

John Hom is a podiatrist in San Jose, CA who specializes in surgery, wound care, sports medicine and diabetic foot care.

Dr. Hom provides comprehensive diagnoses and treatments for conditions affecting the foot, ankle, and related parts of the leg. As a key structural component of the body, its foot provides stability, absorbs shocks, and allows us to walk or stand with ease.

Early Life and Education

John Hom was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on March 19, 1949 and currently resides as the General Counsel for Peoples Savings Bank-Bridgeport.

He is also a philanthropist, giving back to the community in various ways. He served on the Board of Directors for the American Red Cross and donated his time and expertise to numerous other organizations as well.

John was fortunate enough to receive an excellent education thanks to the generosity of his mother. He attended a mission school in New York City before proceeding on to Berea College, which served as the foundation for his career as both an educator and author. Through this education he developed an in-depth appreciation for Christian teaching methods and the value of living a life of service to others.

Professional Career

Hom, an unassuming engineering nerd, achieved greatness for over four decades. At that time, he and his alpha dog were instrumental in designing and constructing many of California’s storied landmarks and structures such as UCSF medical center and hospital, along with University of California Berkeley doe bleep bleep. Hom was known for more than just his signature nameplate design, however. He was instrumental in shaping the Bay Area through several high-profile designs that still stand today. Additionally, he authored or coauthored several books on structural and civil engineering – some of which remain unpublished to this day. Most notably, hom was appointed faculty at University of California Berkeley where he held the title of associate dean.

Achievements and Honors

Hom is a passionate plant enthusiast with an upbeat attitude that she puts to use in her business, Buckingham Greenery. Her company’s portfolio includes interior plants for commercial and healthcare facilities across Richmond, Virginia as well as Central Virginia and beyond.

Ho’s most remarkable accomplishment is her business plan to become the state’s first female president of the American Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA). For this, she was selected as one of six national finalists for their prestigious Master Entrepreneur of the Year award and also received top honors in horticultural innovation and Master Gardener competitions hosted by Massachusetts Botanic Gardening League (MBL). Despite her hectic schedule, Ho finds time to volunteer at local nursing homes and Friends Academy in Locust Valley, New York; both places she attended growing up.

Personal Life

John Hom is a veteran guitarist for Kyuss, Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age. Additionally, he works as an improvisor and has directed The Desert Sessions since 1997.

He has collaborated with a number of musicians, such as Mondo Generator and the Foo Fighters. Additionally, he has performed on television shows such as Toast of London and Portlandia.

In 2013, he started work on a new album with QOTSA which was released in October 2014. Additionally, he has featured on several other albums. Furthermore, he hosts an hour-long radio show every Friday night on Apple Music’s streaming service Beats 1 which showcases diverse music selections chosen by him and often includes humorous commentary.

Net Worth

Ken Hom is a celebrated Chinese American chef with an estimated net worth of $10 million. He earned this wealth through his career as an expert chef, author, and TV host; having worked in this industry for more than 40 years with numerous accolades to his credit.

Homme is renowned for his culinary abilities and passion. He began honing his craft at an early age, working at his uncle’s restaurant. Later he studied art history and started teaching Italian and Chinese cuisine classes. Homme has made several television appearances as well as authoring over twenty cookbooks. Additionally, he owns a line of packaged foods and woks. Nowadays, Homme splits his time between homes in southwest France, Paris, and Thailand with his partner.

John Hom and Ken Hom

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