John Homeyer

John Homeyer – A Man of Great Faith

John Homeyer was an inspirational man of faith, serving as both a member and deacon at Kingsville First Baptist Church. Additionally, he served on the Executive Committee for Texas Baptist Men.

In May 1990, Homeyer Tool and Die opened a small business in Marthasville. Since then, he has expanded to have another location in Union.

Early Life and Education

John Homeyer was a quiet, gentle leader who guided Georgetown and Williamson County with intelligence, dignity and respect without the usual political tactics. His sincerity, integrity and belief that these communities and counties were among the best places to live earned him great respect from all who knew him.

John was a graduate of Georgetown High School and owned Georgetown Plumbing Company for 21 years. Additionally, he was involved with the Kiwanis Club, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, Jonah Water Supply Corporation board directors, Friends of Youth 4H volunteer work, charter member of Noon Kiwanis Club in Georgetown and lifelong resident of Georgetown.

Achievements and Honors

John Homeyer, an affluent octogenarian who chose not to pursue the corporate ladder but instead the playthings of his youth. A true philanthropist at heart, John had invested most of his wealth into his home – which served as a testament to his generosity. A longtime Chicago area resident and connoisseur of culinary arts and wine, Homeyer earned numerous awards for his accomplishments – some which we will discuss later. Additionally, he maintained strong social ties with colleagues within his profession too – something remarkable for sure!

Personal Life

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Net Worth

John Homeyer is an accomplished actor with a net worth of $10 million. He has been working in the industry for decades and is best known as playing the patriarch on Schittt’s Creek. At 73 years old, he’s married to Deborah Divine and enjoys an enchanting family dynamic; daughters Sarah Levy and Emily Hampshire both work as actors too; both have received numerous awards and have impressive net worths too. Dan Levy also pursued acting and has amassed a substantial net worth at $14 million dollars; along with them being his main priority in life.

John Homeyer

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