John Hopple

John Hopple

John Hopple earned the Purple Heart during World War II for saving a tank crew during an engagement against Japanese forces.

He was a member of the US Army serving in the Philippines during 1942. On February 18th he was tragically lost to action due to his service.

Early Life and Education

John was born on July 15, 1914 in Missouri and grew up and resided in Taylor County, Iowa.

He began his education after graduating Hopkins High School by attending Maryville State Teachers College and eventually earned a degree in electrical engineering from Iowa State University in 1940.

When World War II broke out, he joined the 33rd Tank Company of the Illinois National Guard and earned himself a Distinguished Service Cross for his actions in the Philippine Islands.

His lifetime was filled with outstanding community involvement. He served on many boards and committees, such as the Ohio Association of Independent Schools. He advocated strongly for maintaining private school autonomy while aiding them in fulfilling their missions. Moreover, he was an exemplary man of great integrity and kindness.

Professional Career

John Hopple, a Partner at LERA Consulting Structural Engineers (LERA) in Canton office, is an accomplished structural design expert. He has guided the structural design of several high-profile projects such as 492 meter tall Shanghai World Financial Center and Capitol Crossing Platform in Washington D.C. Additionally, John was involved with numerous notable structures like e-waste bins, one of Seattle’s tallest skyscrapers, and Puerta de Europa towers in Madrid.

His many accomplishments aside, he was an exceptional teacher and spearheaded the district’s adoption of “one-to-one” learning initiatives by providing laptop computers to all students in grades five through seven. This program offers students access to their education from any location or device at any time, making it invaluable in today’s competitive educational climate.

Achievements and Honors

John Hopple made many remarkable accomplishments throughout his life, including being the first combat casualty to receive the Distinguished Service Cross for saving a tank crew during an engagement against Japan in 1942. His name now rests on a memorial tablet at American Military Cemetery outside Manila.

John was an incredible hero in battle, as well as an expert in thermoforming and other industrial uses of molten plastics. Additionally, John had a knack for investing wisely; his knack for finding promising new products and seeing them through to success proved invaluable to his success.

He also dedicated many years to volunteerism as a firefighter and paramedic, in addition to his professional duties. A generous donor to Kenyon College and other nonprofit organizations, he believed that giving back was the right thing to do during difficult economic periods.

Personal Life

John Hopple was a World War II veteran who tragically passed away from wounds sustained while serving in the Philippines. For his actions, John was awarded with the Distinguished Service Cross and earned him a place of honor in history.

He is survived by his wife Arline; three sons Curtis, Scott and Ann; as well as four grandchildren. Additionally, he was predeceased by his parents, brother Ronald and sister Dorothy.

He was an enthusiastic sports fan and member of the Knights of Columbus, serving as Trustee and Commander for many years. Additionally, he was charter member of Fr. Titus Brandsma Assembly 2772 in Clear Lake City, TX as well as St Bernadette Council 10959 and Mary Queen Council 8494 during his stay there.

Net Worth

John Hopkins is an English actor with a net worth of $5 Million. He’s best known for his roles as Sgt Dan Scott in Midsomer Murders and Lowell in Alice in Wonderland.

He is also a motorcycle road racer. In 2017, he competed in the British Superbike Championship aboard his Ducati 1199 Panigale for Moto Rapido Racing.

His net worth is the sum of his income and investments. He has invested in various real estate properties as well as businesses.

He earns his living as an independent director at Kearny, owning more than 600,000 units of Kearny stock and having traded over 3 million shares since 2005.

Hopkins was previously involved in the boxing industry as part of Golden Boy Promotions, though he eventually sold all his stakes within the company.

John Hopple

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