John Hordines

John Hordines

John Hordines was an enthusiastic outdoorsman, classic car enthusiast and all-around DIY-er. His interests included classic rock music, hunting and spending time with family.

On Sunday morning, a doctor from New Windsor, Hordines was tragically killed in a head-on crash in Orange County. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Early Life and Education

Hordines was born in Austria and immigrated to the United States at age three. He attended Mount Carmel High School and Syracuse University, earning an undergraduate degree in physical education.

Hordines’ early career at the New York Institute for the Education of the Blind began in 1950, where he taught physical education and coached wrestling and rowing to blind students. These experiences fostered his interest in instructing disabled individuals about athletics and physicality.

Hordines was also active within the Presbyterian church, founding organizations and retreats. He unsuccessfully tried to launch the Harvard Agricultural and Rural Group for the Blind which would have purchased acres of farmland in New England to teach agriculture skills to blind students.

Professional Career

Hordines’ professional career included teaching physical education and coaching wrestling and football at the New York Institute for the Blind, as well as writing as a journalist about amateur wrestling. He also attempted to found the Harvard Agricultural and Rural Group for the Blind – an organization which would purchase land in New England to teach farming skills to blind students.

At Syracuse University, Hordines earned letters in football, crew and wrestling while contributing to The Keylock Society – the campus wrestling publication.

Hordines began his professional life after graduation by teaching and coaching sports at Valley Forge Military Academy, the University of Connecticut, Sampson College, and the New York Institute for the Blind. During this period he also founded several amateur sports organizations like a Boy Scout troop and crew team for blind people at NYIEB.

Achievements and Honors

John Hordines has achieved numerous notable accomplishments throughout his career. Notable among them are his Patients’ Choice recognition and Compassionate Doctor certification.

In addition to his remarkable professional successes, he was also an acclaimed amateur sports enthusiast. During college years, he earned numerous accolades for his athletic achievements.

His accomplishments in sports were highlighted by his work as a journalist covering amateur wrestling for The Body Builder magazine. Additionally, he founded several notable amateur sports organizations like the All-American Wrestling Team and International Sports Shrine. Other noteworthy endeavors include his efforts to establish a hall of fame for blind athletes; ultimately succeeding in helping disabled individuals reach their full athletic and personal potentials, serving as an inspiration to those who followed.

Personal Life

John Hordines was an inspiring teacher and coach of disabled individuals. He particularly excelled at instructing blind and visually impaired individuals in athletics.

His early career as a physical education instructor at the New York Institute for the Education of the Blind inspired him to impart physical fitness on these individuals. To this end, he led a Boy Scout troop, coached wrestling, and established a crew team for blind students at the school.

Hordines also worked as a sportswriter for The Body Builder magazine and contributed to its amateur wrestling column, Wrestling World. Furthermore, he attempted to establish an International Sports Shrine in upstate New York and organized the All-American Wrestling Team for amateur wrestlers.

John Hordines

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