John Kawcak

John Kawcak, Or “Mike,” is a Businessman from

Moffat County

John Kawcak, or “Mike,” was an entrepreneur from Moffat County who built a number of businesses, including Ace Hardware M.J.K Sales & Feed, and Frontier Station, an agricultural and supply store focusing on fertilizer and seed.

He was also the operations superintendent for Antero in West Virginia, a role that required him to select vendors and oversee the companies’ performance on Antero’s behalf. Antero alleges that Kawcak violated his fiduciary duties by directing Antero to make improper payments to Tommy Robertson and his affiliated companies.

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Professional Career

The Kawcak family has been a Craig mainstay for several generations. Mike’s original MJK Sales & Feed store opened in 1976 on School St. Eventually, that business was joined by a hardware operation and a grain elevator on Ranney.

Currently, Lonnie and Lorraine Kawcak are in the process of expanding MJK’s operations by nearly double. They recently broke ground on a 25,500-square-foot structure near west First St.

The aforementioned building is not only the biggest MJK carries but also one of the most impressive commercial buildings in the county. Using the most advanced construction materials, it will be the tallest, if not the largest building in Craig’s history. It will also be the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Among the most important upgrades is an improved customer service center, better signage and updated lighting. The new facility will be a welcome addition to the town.

Personal Life

John Kawcak is a businessman who started his career in agriculture before moving into the construction industry. He has a family that includes his wife, Colleen. Their children include Kenny, Lonnie and Junior. The Kawcaks have built a successful business that focuses on grain, feed and hardware.

Antero Resources Corporation alleges that Kawcak engaged in a kickback scheme that allowed him to obtain free use of an airplane and hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments from Tommy Robertson. Antero seeks damages for breach of fiduciary duty, money had and received, and exemplary and punitive damages. Antero argues that the Texas Citizens Participation Act (TCPA) applies to this case because Kawcak is a member of the Tommy Robertson gang who associated and communicated with one another through an unlawful scheme.

John Kawcak

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