John Krickus

John Krickus, Chairman of the Morris County

Board of Commissioners

John Krickus is an accomplished member of the Morris County Board of Commissioners. During his tenure, he held taxes down, invested in infrastructure and doubled the number of miles repaved county roads annually – among other accomplishments.

He will continue to lead Morris County government with fiscal conservatism in 2023, working alongside Commissioner-elect Christine Myers to make Morris County even better.

Early Life and Education

John Krickus was born and raised in Madison and currently resides with his wife Carolyn in Long Valley. A decorated Marine Corps veteran, he holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and business from Drew University as well as an MBA from Lehigh University. Additionally, John is a certified public accountant with over three decades of experience working in product management.

He is a member of the Morris County Board of Commissioners and has served on their budget committee, helping reduce property taxes while prioritizing investments in infrastructure, education, health care, and the arts. Furthermore, he founded and chairs the Morris County Chamber of Commerce with its executive director as well as being on the board at Morris County School of Technology and volunteering in a local fire department’s first aid room.

Professional Career

John Krickus has extensive experience as a product manager for data analytics and business information services. A Marine Corps Reserves veteran, he graduated from Drew University with a BA in Economics and Political Science, then went on to receive an MBA from Lehigh University before becoming certified as a public accountant in New Jersey.

Commissioner Krickus served his first term on the Morris County Board of Freeholders, where he chaired a budget committee that reduced county property taxes and prioritized investing in infrastructure. Additionally, he served 12 years on the Washington Township Committee before serving three terms as Mayor; working to preserve 4,000 acres of farmland and some 14,000 acres of open space that helped maintain rural character of Long Valley and Schooleys Mountain sections of Washington Township.

Achievements and Honors

Director John Klikus has served the Morris County Board of Commissioners for six years, overseeing many landmark achievements. From doubling repaved road miles to increasing aid to County College of Morris and initiating changes to open space program regulations, his efforts have contributed greatly to the growth and success of this vibrant county.

As a former Marine Corps veteran and Certified Public Accountant with experience in data analytics for Dun and Bradstreet and Experian, he is the ideal leader to guide Morris County into its next century of prosperity, redevelopment and growth. As one of seven candidates running for election this June in Morris County, his impact can be felt daily by its residents.

Personal Life

Krickus, a native of Madison, has lived in Long Valley with his wife Carolyn for 26 years. During that time he served 12 years as committeeman in Washington Township and three as mayor. Additionally, he has actively promoted the preservation of over 4,000 acres of farmland and open space through various initiatives.

Krickus, a Marine Corps veteran and MBA graduate of Lehigh University, holds over 30 years of business experience as a product manager in data analytics for business information services. In addition to serving on the County Commission, he serves on the board of Mayo Performing Arts Center and Morris County College of Morris as director. Krickus also advocates for conservative ideas and legislation.

Net Worth

John Krickus, former mayor of Washington Township and current commissioner of Morris County, boasts a net worth of $4 million. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Drew University, an MBA from Lehigh University and is certified public accountant. A veteran of the Marine Corps Reserve, John resides with his wife Carolyn and their two daughters in Long Valley after serving for 12 years as committeeman there for Washington Township before taking on his current role as mayor. Furthermore he was part of the Morris County Republican Committee before serving on the Mayo Performing Arts Center board in Morristown.

John Krickus

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