John Kron

John Kron

John Kron is a Jewish cartoonist who enjoys discussing all topics related to faith, politics, art, popular culture and sports. His aim is always to shed light on everyone’s opinions while making lighthearted fun of everyone involved.

KRON-TV was the largest NBC affiliate in San Francisco’s television market before disaffiliating in 1981 (after having been part of NBC since 1957). It frequently preempted NBC programming, such as several soap operas and two daytime game shows.

Early Life and Education

John Kron was born and raised in Rat Portage (later renamed Kenora), North Western Ontario, Canada. He was the son of John Albert Kron and Emma Matilda Ellison.

He was an electrical engineer. His research included applying the mathematical tools of general relativity to electrical power engineering, as well as devising his method for applying tensor analysis to this domain.

John Kron, then a young man living in Cleveland, Ohio, worked at several companies before returning home to Rat Portage.

He taught at local high schools and was an active member of his community, serving as president of the Rotary club and belonging to both Curling Club and Masonic Lodge. Tragically, he passed away in October 1978 leaving behind his wife Evelyna Kron; sons William and Steve; plus daughter Doug.

Professional Career

Kron is an experienced cyber security professional employed by KnowBe4, owned by legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick. He offers simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training to companies and nonprofit organizations alike.

He holds numerous certifications, such as the Certified Information Systems Security Architecture Professional CISSP from (ISC)2, plus several Microsoft and CompTIA accreditations. Additionally, he provides energy developers and real estate companies with advice on contract drafting/negotiation, title & survey review, tax planning and entity formation.

He has a son, John J. Kron, who is an NHL hockey player for the Carolina Hurricanes. He participated in two IIHF World Championship tournaments, two World Junior Championship tournaments and a Canada Cup competition while also representing Czechoslovakia on its national team.

Achievements and Honors

John is the son of legendary Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt Helio Gracie and has been immersed in the sport from an early age. As an accomplished martial artist in his own right, John has achieved great success through tournament wins and competitions such as UFC.

He has held a variety of esteemed positions at the pinnacle of legal success, such as partner at Mayer Brown and co-chair of their global leveraged finance practice. Additionally, he serves as a member of the Pritzker family’s private equity portfolio. But perhaps most notably, his professional life was highlighted by an impressive nomination for ABA’s highest honor: the Arthur Ruble Award.

Personal Life

Kron is an accomplished writer and playwright. She has two major works of fiction, both memoirs: “2.5 Minute Ride” and “Well.”

Well is a memoir detailing her experiences attending an all-black elementary school in Lansing, Michigan and chronicling both her mother’s activism and the crippling illness she endured while in college.

She experienced discrimination as a child, so it’s no shock that the play is filled with stories about racism and discrimination.

Many years ago, Kron adapted Alison Bechdel’s cartoons into a musical called “Fun Home.” It premiered on Broadway in 2015 and earned her numerous awards; she is currently working on another play.

Net Worth

Estimates place Kron’s net worth at $5 million. He serves as Chairman and Chief Executive of French engineering conglomerate Alstom.

He began his career with the French Ministry of Industry, then joined Pechiney where he served as president of their Electrometallurgy Division and chairman of the board at Carbone Lorraine Company.

Knightvest Capital owns over 25000 units and has earned a reputation for turning around troubled assets. According to 2020 NMHC statistics, they are #41 among the top 50 multifamily owners in America.

Kron is the producer of Bay Area Backroads, a half-hour television show that showcased places and people throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Furthermore, he belongs to the National Association of Realtors.

John Kron

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