John Krumpotich

John Krumpotich, a Financial Advisor

John Krumpotich, a local developer, took over an abandoned military base in Washington County and has devised an imaginative redevelopment plan. The 500-acre property will soon be home to retail and housing developments as well as a satellite college campus.

Recent amendments to the sale contract between Krumpotich County and the county bring the deal closer to completion. They alter various responsibilities regarding infrastructure such as utilities, roads and dams at two lakes.

Early Life and Education

John Krumpotich was born in Raton, New Mexico on January 9, 1921 and moved to California at 18 years old. He began working as a plasterer before eventually owning his own contracting business. In 1951 he married Claire and they had three sons: a dentist in Frederick Maryland; an FBI agent in Santa Ana, California; and an insurance agent in Watsonville, California.

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Professional Career

John Krumpotich has been a professional financial advisor for over 13 years, holding roles at First Savings Financial Services, Ing Financial Partners Inc and Water Street Financial LLC. He holds a Series 66 license and is registered to advise clients in Maryland. In addition to his advisory responsibilities, John also practices dentistry by trade.

His career highlights are working with an incredible team of individuals. It’s through this group that he can make informed decisions for his clients.

Personal Life

John Krumpotich is the president of Water Street Financial, a business that offers various services related to real estate and finance.

He is married to Amy Yazbeck and has two children. In April 2021 he purchased Fort Ritchie in Smithsburg, Pennsylvania from his sister Amy Yazbeck.

In addition to acting, he is also a real estate investor and has been credited with revitalizing Fort Ritchie. He purchased the abandoned military facility and plans on renovating it into both residential and commercial space. Together with a development firm, he hopes to make the site suitable for living and doing business – creating an inviting neighborhood that appeals to people from around the globe, according to his website.

Net Worth

John Krumpotich has been in the financial advisory field for 13 years, currently employed at Cetera Advisor Networks LLC in Cascade, Maryland.

According to sources, John’s net worth is estimated to be $75 million USD. His income comes from YouTube revenue, merchandise sales, partnerships, endorsement deals, sponsorships, live performances, investments and more.

He owns 6 real estate properties, 4 cars and two luxury yachts as well as $15 million in stock markets, government securities and tech stocks. Through wise investments in properties, luxury cars and airline companies, his net worth has grown at an annual rate of 20%.

John Krumpotich

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