John Marker

John Marker

A blood oath between two individuals is recorded on a Marker, an object that resembles a coin. With its opening in the middle, this marker allows one person to press their thumbprint onto the other’s side in recognition of their commitment.

After defeating the Tarasov crime family in Chapter 1, Wick returns home to receive a visit from Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio). D’Antonio urges John to kill his sister Gianna so he can join her at the shadowy High Table.

Early Life and Education

John Marker’s early life was filled with adventure and hard work. His family moved around a lot during his childhood, but eventually settled in Martinsville.

He was raised with a loving family and loved spending time outdoors. His hobbies included sports, fishing, and playing tennis with his friends.

As a young man, he was highly motivated by his studies. He began reading books in Greek and Latin, exploring philosophy, logic, and political economy.

His mother was immensely proud of John’s education and encouraged him to pursue a career in law. After graduating college, John went to Worcester to study law with James Putnam at Worcester Law School. There, John devoured all the legal texts provided and quickly became an accomplished lawyer – an experience which would shape his future direction. This journey marked an important turning point in John’s life.

Professional Career

John is a highly esteemed and feared professional assassin, known to the leaders of virtually all criminal organizations as someone not to be crossed. With an unrivaled reputation for efficiency and dependability, John has earned himself the respect of those within and without criminal organizations alike.

He is one of the world’s most skilled martial artists, proficient in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other hand-to-hand combat styles. Additionally, he possesses exceptional firearms proficiency as well as throwing bladed weapons and other forms of improvised weaponry.

He possesses a deep-seated sense of honor which sets him apart amongst his colleagues. This allows him to avoid conflict whenever possible and call truce without needing a fight. Furthermore, his reputation for honesty and upstanding moral code have allowed him to cultivate contacts within the assassin community who will come to his assistance in times of hardship.

Achievements and Honors

One of the greatest accomplishments of his college career was winning a national award for the best football team in America. Additionally, he was named an honorary CoSIDA all-American, earned first-team All-Big Ten recognition and made it into the National Football Foundation’s top sixteen list. Furthermore, he is one of six players to wear Penn State’s ring of fame–a tribute to his record setting career and dedication to excellence on the field.

He had the distinct privilege of serving as dean of student life at the College for eight years, an incredible accomplishment in any measure. In addition, he has served as a mentor to members of the LGBTQ community at the College and his kindness extends far beyond his office walls.

Personal Life

John Marker was a beloved husband, father and grandfather. He had an infectious laugh that brightened up any situation. Above all else, John loved spending time with family and friends.

His hobbies included collecting stamps, gardening and watching movies of all genres. Furthermore, he volunteered in the Boy Scouts as a scout master.

He was married to Damara and had a son named Dylan. As a loving and caring father, he took great pride in his role as a family man.

In the season finale, Carver was sent to guard an EarthGov research facility on Uxor that housed a Red Marker. When he became enraged and smashed the captain’s videoscreen in frustration, his commanding officer reprimanded him severely for his actions.

Net Worth

John Marker was raised in an affluent area of York, Pennsylvania. His father founded an insurance company and John learned all about the financial side of things while growing up. By the time John reached his 20s, he had joined forces with his family business and eventually became a partner.

John Marker has amassed a fortune through the energy industry, and his investments in Frisco-based Comstock Resources are now valued at approximately $2.6 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal. As such, John Marker’s net worth has skyrocketed over the last year; his total assets – which include his investments in Comstock Resources, home and car – have all increased substantially. As one of Texas’ wealthiest legislators with extensive political experience under his belt, Marker enjoys unparalleled privileges.

John Marker

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