John Matton

John Matton

Johan Patrik Fredrik Matton is a Swedish filmmaker renowned for his contribution to New York City’s independent cinema scene. His feature films have won awards at numerous major film festivals around the world.

He is best known for his self-written feature film Till We Meet Again, which garnered several awards and was released worldwide. Additionally, he serves as President, Founder, and Festival Director of the Nordic International Film Festival.

Early Life and Education

John Madden was born in Austin, Minnesota on April 10th, 1936 and moved with his family to Daly City, California when he was still young.

He developed an interest in sports from a very young age. He played football both during high school and college.

He was awarded a football scholarship to the University of Oregon, where he studied pre-law alongside childhood friend John Robinson. However, due to an injury he had to red-shirt. Afterward he transferred to College of San Mateo where he played offense and defense for one season before transferring to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo where he earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education.

Professional Career

John Mattone has had an extensive career in the business world. As President of Human Resources International, he focused on creating and implementing strategic human resource programs.

He has written and presented numerous books and programs on leadership and empowerment, as well as coaching many top leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe.

John takes an innovative approach to honing his clients’ leadership abilities. He created the Intelligent Leadership (IL) process, which he calls “integrated”.

Achievements and Honors

John Matton has achieved a great deal in his short life. A senior Computer Science and Pre-Medicine student, he’s earned numerous awards including the James Angell Scholarship, Rogel Award of Excellence, Wentcher Scholarship and Grow with Google Scholarship – all without breaking the bank!

In addition to his many accolades, he has also made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and community leader. Among other achievements, he was the first student to start a social enterprise on campus and has been involved in multiple large philanthropic endeavors. Additionally, he was one of few students selected for an undergraduate research fellowship from the Center for Creative Inquiry.

Personal Life

John Matton was a humble and sincere individual, well-known for his devotion to his family and fans alike.

He was a loving husband, father and grandfather who will be deeply missed.

His legacy will live on through his children and grandchildren. Survived by his wife Kay, daughter Angie, son Shawn, and daughter in law Nikki he left us all with a loving legacy.

He was renowned for his charitable contributions to the community. An ardent fan of the NFL, his passion was unmatched. A humble champion, willing teacher and forever coach, he inspired millions with his unfailing kindness. Millions looked up to him as a role model of service to those in need.

Net Worth

John Matton was an acclaimed American sportscaster and coach. As the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, he won a Super Bowl; later on, as color commentator for NFL telecasts.

His career as a broadcaster began in 1978 and culminated in 2009. He was highly sought-after by all four major networks, including CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC.

He enjoyed a successful broadcasting career and earned an impressive salary. Additionally, his earnings came from endorsements and investments.

John Matton

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