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John Nedderman – Maintenance Supervisor at

Shelby Materials

John Nedderman has served as Maintenance Supervisor at Shelby Materials for more than 60 years, earning his position with the company.

He served as President of the University of Texas at Arlington for many years and was instrumental in its growth into one of Texas’s premier universities.

Mr Nedderman was an exceptional teacher, capable of crafting testing examination questions without error or ambiguity. Additionally, his depth of understanding about all facets of the Tripos was unparalleled.

Early Life and Education

Nedderman’s two decades as UTA president were instrumental in developing the institution into an educational powerhouse. He laid a foundation of excellence, innovation and leadership that is still evident today.

He was a pioneering figure in engineering, serving as founding dean of the College of Engineering and supervising construction of an advanced campus. Additionally, he supported faculty research and publication, as well as graduate programs in science, engineering and business.

Cherie Nedderman, his sister, passed away unexpectedly in January 2019 and left her collection of 58 “plein air” paintings of California to CSUCI. Ted Nedderman and his wife Nancy donated the artworks which included works by William Merritttt Chase and Paul Cezanne. Now these artworks form part of a catalog and web-based exhibition created by students in Professor of Art Matt Furmanski’s advanced Art class.

Professional Career

Nedderman spent most of his professional life at UTA, where he played an essential role in building the university into one of Texas’ top universities. His leadership and commitment to excellence laid the groundwork for UTA’s growth into a nationally-ranked institution, according to President Vistasp Karbhari.

At the University, Ron was a renowned teacher renowned for his extensive knowledge of Chemical Engineering and superb teaching style. At Trinity, Dr Andy Sederman recalls how Ron always had time for students to discuss their work and get their thoughts organized – an attribute characteristic of any good supervisor.

Dr Nedderman was highly esteemed at the Department for his ability to craft examination questions that were accurate. As an advocate for examinations, Senior University Lecturer Dr Patrick Barrie recalls, ‘Dr Nedderman was a keen observer of what was going on around him’.

Achievements and Honors

Nedderman was a tireless champion for higher education access and was instrumental in UTA’s transformation from small college to one of Texas’ premier universities. During his two-decade tenure as president, enrollment at UTA rose from approximately 14,000 students to more than 25,000.

He was also the founding dean of Arlington State College’s College of Engineering, arriving on campus in 1959 with the vision that it could become an independent institution. During his decade as dean, the college experienced phenomenal growth and became one of the Southwest’s finest institutions; ultimately leading it to his appointment as its president in 1974.

He was renowned for his passion and enthusiasm when teaching, particularly as Supervisor of undergraduates. An excellent examiner, he challenged students to critically reflect upon what they had been taught without undermining their belief in their understanding.

Personal Life

John Nedderman has had an illustrious personal life. He is a man of many talents, having served in both the army as a doctor and also being an artist.

He inherited an extensive collection of paintings from his sister Cherie, who passed away unexpectedly in January. Through these donations, the pieces can now be proudly displayed at California State University, Channel Islands.

He is also an avid hunter, having admitted to shooting at least four deer in his neighborhood with a rifle on Tuesday, according to Senior Assistant Muskegon County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson.

Net Worth

John Nedderman, a civil engineer who served as president of University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Born in Todmorden, England, he emigrated to America in 1943 and graduated first in his high school class before attending Iowa State University’s civil engineering program.

Nedderman married Betty Vezey in 1947 and the couple eventually relocated to College Station, Texas, where Nedderman taught engineering classes at a nearby college. In 1959 he was appointed founding dean of UTA’s engineering school and served as its president until 1992; during this time he continued teaching classes within the College of Engineering as well as serving on the boards for Metropolitan Tarrant County United Way, Arlington Kiwanis Club and North Texas Higher Education Authority.

John Nedderman

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