John Pan

John Pan

John Pan is an engineer who has been actively engaged in the tech community for over ten years. He began his career as a senior software engineer at PayPal before transitioning to CTO roles at Adzaar and 8i before co-founding KiwiCo with fellow engineer Peter Lauria.

Peter Pan is the central character in Barrie’s 1904 play, which was later adapted into a novel. The narrative examines children’s development as it focuses on their inability to comprehend other people’s emotions or actions.

Early Life and Education

John Darling enjoyed listening to his older sister Wendy’s stories about Peter Pan as a boy. He also played Captain Hook in their nursery games and enjoyed playing with his brother Michael’s toys.

On March 21, 1903, George and Mary Darling welcomed their son into the world in Kensington Gardens, London. His features are fair skin with dark brown hair and eyes.

He is the middle child of George and Mary’s five children: George, Mary, Wendy, John, and Michael. He possesses a strong, intelligent, and brave personality which he loves to play with. He can speak with an advanced tone and has an expansive imagination. His passion for adventure drives him to travel frequently; he excels at swimming and has a great sense of humor too. Moreover, his loyalty and support of family members is unwavering.

Achievements and Honors

At Boston University College of Arts and Sciences, he graduated with high honors, being awarded the coveted National Collegiate Scholar Award.

He is an active community leader, having earned multiple civic service awards. He currently serves on the boards of Northern Virginia Technology Council and Great Falls Citizens Association as well as belonging to Rotary Club of Great Falls.

In addition to his academic accomplishments, he has been actively engaged in several activities that make him deserving of the esteemed AAPG award. Please view the 2021 IMAGE video below to witness some of the ways SEG recognizes its members and their contributions to geophysics. Those interested in nominating an individual or organization for recognition by the Society should submit their information by 1 January so that sufficient time can be allocated for investigation, deliberation, and recommendation by the SEG Board of Directors.

Personal Life

John Pan is the middle child of George and Mary Darling, as well as the brother to Wendy and Michael. He stars as a major character in Disney’s 1953 animated feature film Peter Pan.

He is also a main character in the Disney television series Jake and the Neverland Pirates special, Battle for the Book, where he joins other Lost Boys and Wendy as they battle Captain Hook to protect Peter Pan’s books.

Keats’ poem “Ode to Pan” portrays Pan as a shepherd-angel and protector of fields and forests. He serves as an inspiration to philosophers and scholars, as well as being the patron saint of art and learning.

Net Worth

John Pan is the proud owner of a successful mushroom jerky company, which he began after visiting his cousin in Borneo and discovering this delicious snack.

He also founded a production company and wrote a book on entrepreneurship, which helped him secure funding for his business ventures. At present, his net worth exceeds $500 million dollars.

Shark Tank Recap reports his product has sold more than $650,000 in its first year and he anticipates it will reach a revenue of $1.5 million by 2020.

He is the owner of several successful businesses, such as a television production company. His wealth comes from multiple sources, including his work in the entertainment industry and investments.

John Pan

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