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John Penewitt Joins LJA As a Senior Financial


John Penewitt is a Certified Public Accountant who joined LJA after an impressive 30-year career in accounting leadership. His expertise encompasses corporate administration, human resources management, risk management and information technology.

On June 13th, Timber Brown (12) and Jon Brown, 25, were tragically stabbed to death during a home invasion in York Township by Hall and Spurlock. Hall and Spurlock have been charged with their murders.

Early Life and Education

Penewit was born and raised in Gaylord, Michigan and attended Gaylord High School before graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in business management and marketing. Following her graduation, she married Charles Penewit and moved to Katy, Texas, where he worked for a construction company. Together they had two children – Timber Brown and Jon Brown – before their lives were forever altered when their home was raided during an attempted robbery in York Township, Michigan.

After one year since her attack, Penewit is still searching for peace. But her sister Jennifer Vogel insists she will live life to its fullest. In order to improve her physical condition and walk again, Penewit underwent surgeries on her hand and torso; further surgeries may be required in the future.

Professional Career

John has an accomplished and diverse career in finance and accounting that spans over 30 years. His responsibilities include developing processes and procedures for preparing financial statements in accordance with GAAP and IFRS, tax planning, banking, risk management, contract negotiations and financing activities. A well-rounded businessman with excellent networking abilities; John also volunteers at Katy ISD Livestock Show & Rodeo as part of his wife’s favorite football team (the Houston Texans), as well as serving in his church community.

Personal Life

John Penewitt is a senior financial executive with extensive experience in accounting and corporate administration. As Chief Financial Officer of LJA, he draws upon more than three decades of accounting leadership to oversee all financial planning, auditing, taxation, information technology, banking and risk management activities for the company. Furthermore, John ensures compliance with ERISA and Department of Labor requirements while negotiating benefit plan and union contracts as well as leading multiple acquisitions and mergers.

John enjoys spending his free time with family and friends. He supports several organizations, such as Katy ISD Livestock Show and Rodeo, and has been a member of both Texas Society of CPAs and American Institute for CPAs for more than two decades. John holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Texas A&M University.

John Penewitt

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