John Rifkin

John Rifkin

john rifkin is a former serial killer who confessed to 17 murders. He killed, dismembered and disposed of their bodies in the New York City and Long Island area.

He was arrested on June 28, 1993 after a traffic stop. Troopers noticed a rancid smell, and they pulled over the truck.

Early Life and Education

As a child, john rifkin struggled to fit in with his peers and was often excluded from team sports. He also suffered from undiagnosed dyslexia, which made him a frequent target of bullies.

While he was a student at Prospect Avenue Elementary School in East Meadow, Long Island, he began to have dreams of killing prostitutes. He collected books and press clippings on serial killers of whores, such as the Green River Killer and Arthur Shawcross.

He became increasingly obsessed with violence and murder, committing his first murder in 1989. He killed 16 prostitutes over the next four years, dismembering their bodies and throwing them into the East River.

Professional Career

Rifkin spent years profiling a wide range of entrepreneurs, innovators and tycoons for major newspapers and tech magazines. When his byline appeared on a New York Times obituary in 2011, it was unexpectedly satisfying, and he’s been on the beat ever since.

In his work, Rifkin has often focused on people whose legacies have been neglected. He tries to make sense of their lives, and then he looks at how they fit into the larger world.

The process involves a lot of research and interviewing. He gets information from the subject’s family and friends, as well as experts in their field. He also reaches out to their former colleagues to get their thoughts. The result is an obituary that’s as much about the person’s legacy as it is about their life.

Achievements and Honors

John Rifkin is an accomplished musician, conductor, and musicologist. His research has focused on Renaissance and Baroque music.

As a conductor, he has led numerous orchestras and choruses. His performances include a variety of genres, including operas, oratorios, and choral works.

His conducting skills earned him a position with the Philadelphia Orchestra, which gave him a chance to play with world-renowned conductors. He also has been a member of several chamber music ensembles.

Among his many accomplishments, he was named one of the 25 Maryland leaders in 2020 by The Daily Record. He is also a former New York Times reporter and author of a business book.

Personal Life

Rifkin was adopted at age three by New York couple Ben and Jeanne Rifkin. He grew up in East Meadow, Long Island, and shared his mother’s enthusiasm for photography and handicrafts.

He was a shy, awkward child who struggled to fit in with his peers, and had trouble academically due to undiagnosed dyslexia. He had an IQ assessed at 128, but he also suffered from chronic depression.

In 1987, his adoptive father killed himself to end the pain of cancer, and Rifkin’s depression increased. He began to obsess over violence, murder and prostitution.

He committed his first murder in 1989, killing a prostitute and dismembering her body before tossing it into the East River. Over the next four years, he committed 16 more murders.

Net Worth

Rifkin is an American actor who has a net worth of $6 million. He has appeared in many films and television shows, including The Rockford Files, One Day at a Time, L.A. Confidential, and Brothers & Sisters.

He has also voiced many audio books, including Lois Lowry’s Newberry Award-winning novel The Giver. He has been married to fashion designer Iva Rifkin since 1966.

He is an American film, TV and stage actor who has a net worth of $6million. He has starred in several successful movies, including The Sixth Sense and Armageddon. He has also made his own movie production company, Cheyenne Enterprises.

John Rifkin

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