John Roesser

John Roesser

John Roesser is a lawyer based in New York. He has been practicing law since 1995 and has been listed as a reputable attorney by Martindale-Hubbell.

Roesser is a lawyer specializing in the field of Litigation. He is a member of Arnold & Porter. His practice focuses on international disputes.

Early Life and Education

The early years of childhood are a critical time for building social and emotional skills, researchers and educators have long known. These skills are important for learning to interact with peers, teachers, and parents; coping with challenging situations such as family conflict and trauma; developing a positive self-image; and achieving academic success.

As children grow older, their peer context broadens and becomes more diverse. This makes SEL even more crucial for their development. In a recent review, Megan McClelland, Shauna Tominey, Sara Schmitt, and Robert Duncan examine the theory and science behind various SEL interventions in preschool through high school. They find that several of them are promising, but that we need to know more about how and why their effects vary for different groups of kids.

Professional Career

Jon Roesser has been at the helm of Weavers Way Cooperative Association since 2015. As general manager, he is responsible for guiding Weavers Way through its most challenging years while continuing to provide members with quality products and services. In addition to his responsibilities as general manager, he also serves on the boards of several other coops in the area and is an avid supporter of the community he works so hard to serve.

As a lawyer, Roesser represents clients in complex international disputes before leading arbitral tribunals and in state and federal courts as counsel or on the bench. His practice includes a bevy of disputes covering a wide range of topics including investment treaty, financial services, joint venture, pharma, insurance, construction and corporate governance.

Achievements and Honors

John Roesser has a successful practice representing companies in complex financial disputes, particularly in securities litigation and SEC investigations involving the 1933, 1934 and 1940 Acts. He also has experience defending against breach of fiduciary duty and other corporate governance actions, and in disputes arising out of swaps and derivative products.

In addition to the Chancellor’s Award, departmental honors went to Rachel Goodridge, English; Hannah Awad, choral music; Braxton Madara, AP U.S. history; Nicole Pinera, AP math and science; Michaelson Capuano, chorus and vocal activity; Grace Rizzo, art; and Kayla Manuszak, student council leadership. Other students honored for outstanding character were Irene Hu, the St. Elizabeth Award winner for the highest general average; Abigail Hamilton, the Brother Michael Rosenello award; and Julia D’Albora, the Softly But Strongly award.

Personal Life

John Roesser is a lawyer with a notable international arbitration practice. A recent hire at Dechert LLP, Roesser is a partner in the firm’s New York office and has substantial experience representing clients in complex commercial international disputes before leading arbitral tribunals, as well as in state and federal court proceedings.

He is also an avid philatelist with a collection of over 500 stamps. A graduate of Connecticut College, Roesser spent a number of years working at the Eastman Kodak company. His other notable career achievements include serving as the HR director for Weavers Way Co-op, where he oversaw the opening of the Chestnut Hill store and was a part of the team that brought the brand back to the Philadelphia market. He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Helen Zolnierowski; son Paul (Gail) Roesser, daughter Gail Pagano, and 9 grandchildren, Terri Roesser, Kevin (Marcia) Roesser, Michael (Robin Allen) Roesser, Megan Wolff, Daniel (Tracey Fountain) Roesser, Caitlin Mondelli, Elizabeth Lowe, Matthew Pagano and Kaylee West; sister Frances (Eugene) Chmiel; Phyllis Williams; and a host of nieces and nephews.

Net Worth

John roesser is an investor, philanthropist and founder of Ariel Investments. The firm manages assets of individuals, corporations and university endowments.

Founded in 1983, Ariel offers no-load mutual funds for individual investors and defined contribution plans. It also offers separately managed accounts for institutions and high net worth individuals.

Ariel is the largest minority-run mutual fund company in the United States and has been listed among the top 20 for long-term performance since inception. The firm was founded on the principles of patient, value investing and focuses on small and medium-sized companies.

A philanthropist, Rogers gives back to his community through charitable work and advocacy. He is a board member of Exelon and McDonald’s, a trustee of the University of Chicago and a director of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation. He is the co-chair of President Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration committee.

John Roesser

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