John Sarokhan

John Sarokhan – Executive Director at Pgim Real


John Sarokhan is an Executive Director at Pgim Real Estate in New York City and has been with the company for 4 years. His email address is Born on August 15, 1918 in Turkey, John has two siblings; Norum Sarokhan’s father and Lucy Sarokhan’s mother.

Early Life and Education

John Sarokhan was born to Assyrian and Armenian parents in Diyarbakir, Turkey at the end of the Armenian genocide. He immigrated with his family to Paterson, New Jersey in 1924 and attended Harvard College before earning a medical degree from Boston University Medical School in 1942. John became a renowned surgeon renowned for his kindness and devotion to patients; serving on staffs at several hospitals throughout New York State and New Jersey.

John has always had an insatiable ambition. This drives him to strive with self-assurance that borders on arrogance and unwavering optimism. As a social worker at CatholicCare Refugee Hub, his primary goal is to assist refugees integrate into Australian society. John has an aptitude for understanding the difficulties that accompany resettling, as well as giving them tools to take advantage of available opportunities.

Professional Career

John Sarokhan earned numerous accolades during his career as a physician and cancer specialist. His leadership role in the medical community was legendary, lasting nearly 60 years. A dedicated family man and social butterfly, John was an active member of his local golf club and frequent visitor to Wall Township and Ridgewood area communities.

John Sarokhan

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