John Savanovich

The Life of John Savanovich

John Savanovich was an elderly man living in Needham, Massachusetts whose story was featured on Netflix documentary about abusive guardianship entitled Dirty Money.

A former attorney representing Savanovich has filed a defamation lawsuit against the documentary’s producers and others. This case could go to trial in federal court.

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Professional Career

Aside from his success as a real estate agent, he is also an acclaimed philanthropist. He has been passionate about supporting local cultural and charitable causes ever since he was young, with one of his philanthropic endeavors being the Boston Science Museum which he supports with generous endowments from his trust fund. When not working or playing golf, dining out, and having some fun on the town, he enjoys golfing, dining out and having occasional nights out on the town; plus he knows how to promote himself effectively so his clients get the best deal possible.

Achievements and Honors

John Savanovich may not have been a household name, but he was one of the many luminaries of his age. Although his name wasn’t in the paper when he passed away on February 2, 2022 at 93 years old, his accomplishments as both a civic and business leader remain unsolved to this day. Most importantly, though, was his dedication to making the world a better place – an endeavor which earned him the prestigious title of Commander in the Army Reserve for his outstanding service to his nation.

Personal Life

John Savanovich was born in Russia in 1901 and relocated to Needham, Massachusetts, in 1940. For the remainder of his life he continued his love affair with Needham – becoming a loving father and grandfather who enjoyed traveling and playing cards with friends. Tragically, John passed away at 93 years old in 2022.

Louisa’s lawsuit against Netflix and eight other defendants alleges that the “Dirty Money” episode falsely represented his legal services to Savonovich, who was supposedly mentally fit when he hired Louisa in 2015. After selling Highland Terrace property to Louisa for sale, proceeds were used to pay Savonovich’s real estate taxes and nursing home bills, according to the suit. Furthermore, there is evidence pointing towards intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress caused by viewing the Netflix episode.

Net Worth

John Savanovich, 74 years old from Needham, MA has seen his property value diminish significantly since being forced out of his home and into an assisted living facility. According to Netflix documentary Dirty Money, his net worth has dropped from around $9 million to around $4 million. On March 28th this year Louisa Siegel filed a lawsuit against Netflix and Jigsaw Productions due to how they misrepresented Savanovich’s case on air. She further claims she has faced threats and harassment related to the show which could amount to damages exceeding $3 million dollars.

John Savanovich

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