John Savercool

John Savercool – UBS Americas Senior Lobbyist

John Savercool has had an illustrious career in Washington. As UBS’ first Senior Lobbyist, he has spearheaded many important issues such as financial services regulatory reform, mutual fund legislation and international tax policy. To name just a few.

He joined UBS in 2003 and is based in its Washington office. In this role, he oversees all lobbying, political and advocacy initiatives for UBS.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Savercool is a senior lobbyist at UBS Americas and heads their US Office of Public Policy. In this capacity, he oversees all federal lobbying, political advocacy and policy advocacy activities for the firm.

He has extensive experience working in Washington, D.C., where he has acquired an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of topics. Some of his most memorable accomplishments include working on landmark legislation and executive orders – such as the first major overhaul in banking in 50 years – along with building strong relationships with his Congressional counterparts. Nowadays he resides with his family near DC while continuing his professional pursuits.

Achievements and Honors

John is an accomplished golfer and passionate family man, known for finding the best deals around town. His company’s top-notch legal team keeps things exciting with help from the IRS and other important parties. One of John’s more memorable assignments was supervising UBS Americas’ eighth octave; though it wasn’t always smooth sailing, it proved worth it in the end. Since then, many notable figures have joined this bandwagon, from Michael Bloomberg to Oprah Winfrey – from Mark Cuban!

Personal Life

John Savercool is the Director of Public Policy for UBS Americas. In this role, he oversees all lobbying and political efforts on Capitol Hill.

He is a veteran of Capitol Hill with 34 years of federal government service. He began his career with Congressman Mike Oxley of Ohio and then pursued 17 years with Texas Senator Phil Gramm (TX), the former chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

From 1982 until 1999, Savercool worked with Gramm in various positions such as legislative assistant and deputy chief of staff. Additionally, he served as interim chief of staff for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in 1993.

John Savercool

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