John Sporidis

John Sporidis

John Sporidis is a dentist in Aurora, CO who is affiliated with Highpoint Dental Care and accepts multiple insurance plans.

He was born in Alexandria, Egypt and speaks eight languages including Greek. After moving to Zimbabwe during the 1950s and Zambia during the 70’s, he managed a clothing factory until 1974.

Early Life and Education

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Personal Life

John Sporidis was born in Alexandria, Egypt and raised by a Greek family. He was an incredibly cosmopolitan individual with remarkable worldly knowledge; throughout his lifetime he traveled widely and met people from all backgrounds. John lived life to the fullest; cherishing his family deeply and loving them until death do us part.

He had a deep-felt passion for helping the homeless and recently immigrated people. His compassion made him realize that wealth can only be acquired by helping others. A true humanitarian, he enjoyed spending his time sharing his technical knowledge and exploring different cultures. Most of all, however, was delighted to spend quality time with his namesake grandson Yanni and daughter-in-law Holly; spending quality time together was one of his many passions.

Net Worth

John Sporidis, a former professional basketball player, has amassed an impressive fortune through his career. Estimates place his net worth at $20 million as of 2022.

In addition to his NBA salary, he earned a considerable amount from other sources. He worked as a television host and has featured in multiple films.

Other Michigan men to make the Forbes 400 list include William Young, who founded a plastic containers maker; Jon Stryker who inherited his family’s stake in Stryker Corp.; and Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

John Sporidis

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