John Stuhlmiller

John Stuhlmiller, Executive Director of the

Washington State Water Resources Association

John Stuhlmiller is the executive director of Washington State Water Resources Association and a former lobbyist for Farm Bureau with 38 years in public policy development.

He has extensive experience working on issues pertaining to natural resources, water, environmental and land use. Furthermore, his expertise extends into labor and fiscal policy matters.

Early Life and Education

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Achievements and Honors

John stuhlmiller’s list of accomplishments and honors is extensive. In his current role as executive director of the Washington State Water Resources Association, he’s responsible for advocating on behalf of irrigation districts of all sizes in federal and state forums. This high-profile job comes after a long and storied career as a lobbyist for Farm Bureau.

Despite his many duties, he still finds time to coach Dunkirk’s baseball team and keep his family active by participating in various leagues. Additionally, he is knowledgeable about the latest technologies like drones, robotic vehicles and teleconferencing. When not at work, he enjoys golfing and fishing with his wife who is an accomplished birder and flyfisherwoman.

Personal Life

John Stuhlmiller, a former lobbyist for the Farm Bureau, is now executive director of the Washington State Water Resources Association. In this interview with Irrigation Leader, he discusses his background and what he hopes to accomplish in his new role.

On November 5, 2005, Robert Stuhlmiller passed away at 69 years of age. Survived by his wife Donna; children Patrick J. (Lori M.) Stuhlmiller, Lori M. Gollwitzer, Joanne L. Vogler, Aileen A. Vogler and Darlene E. Stuhlmiller; 8 grandchildren; brothers-in-law Jack (Gail) Stuhlmiller, Elaine DeLong and Theresa Raeppel; several nieces and nephews; donations in his memory can be made to Hospice of Rochester Lifetime Care 70 Metro Park Rochester NY 14623 9917; thank all friends and colleagues for their support during this difficult time for these dear individuals.

John Stuhlmiller

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