John Sundt

John Sundt

John Sundt is a successful general contractor with an impressive list of construction projects to his credit. His portfolio includes work across America, Mexico, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Sundt was a key contractor during World War II, providing construction work for Los Alamos National Laboratory and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California – two groundbreaking military contracts which added to their already impressive list of projects and elevated their standing within the industry.

Early Life and Education

John Sundt was raised on a farm in Wisconsin, but his desire for adventure led him west to the Western Territories. After settling in Las Vegas, New Mexico Territory, John established M.M. Sundt Architect and Construction Services Company.

His father was a devout Methodist who believed in treating others fairly. These principles formed the cornerstone of their business venture and guided its future direction.

John took over his father’s company in the 1930s when his father passed away. Despite enduring through the Great Depression, they managed to stay afloat thanks to numerous projects for University of Arizona clients.

Over this span, the Sundt family’s construction firm made significant impacts in Tucson with projects such as downtown high-rises, schools, hospitals and Kitt Peak Observatory. Today their name is synonymous with quality construction both here in Arizona and beyond.

Professional Career

Sundt is a successful entrepreneur with expertise in alternative investments. He founded Altegris Investments in La Jolla and later sold the business to Genworth Financial.

He is also the founder of Natural High, a drug abuse prevention organization that assists youth in discovering their passions in life and staying away from drugs and alcohol. Through partnerships with drug-free celebrity role models, these nonprofits share their stories to show how they achieved their objectives without using substances.

He founded the organization after losing both his brothers to addiction. Now it reaches approximately 8 million students in 20,000 classrooms across America.

Achievements and Honors

John sundt left an indelible mark on the world of neurosurgery by encouraging surgical excellence, research and scholarship. Among his most prestigious honors were membership in both the National Academy of Sciences and World Federation of Neurological Surgeons.

He was widely respected for his leadership abilities. Throughout his career, he inspired residents, fellows, and colleagues with his scholarly work, dedication to excellence and empathic understanding of patients.

He served as department chairman and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Neurosurgery, where his leadership had a significant impact on its quality and success. He advocated for an iterative peer review process within the journal to guarantee that every article published would be seen as an important contribution to our field.

Personal Life

John Sundt is a man of many interests. He loves his job as a carpenter, but he also takes time out to relax by the sea. An avid surfer, John often surfs Black’s Beach in California.

Sundt enjoys spending time with family and friends when not working. He and Kathliene live in a comfortable house that reflects their easygoing attitude.

He is also the founder of Natural High, an anti-drug organization that encourages young people to find their passion in life and pursue it instead of drugs. Additionally, he has a philanthropic spirit, giving money away to organizations supporting children in need.

He is the proud father of nine children and grandfather to one. Additionally, he has authored three books.

Net Worth

Jon Sundt is the founder and chief executive officer of Natural High, a nonprofit organization that inspires youth to find their purpose in life. Additionally, they offer resources and connect teens with celebrity role models in order to prevent drug and alcohol addiction.

John Sundt’s net worth is estimated to be $7 million. This wealth has been accrued through his career in construction and his involvement with Natural High.

He owns a home in La Jolla and loves to travel, go to the gym and watch football games.

He also owns Altegris, a hedge fund management firm he founded in 2001 that managed $3.5 billion in 2012.

John Sundt

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