John Wetherbee

John Wetherbee

John Wetherbee is a weather expert who offers live, one-of-a-kind forecasts. He’s certified by the American Meteorological Society as a broadcast meteorologist and has been inducted into Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

John’s father Hezekiah Wetherbee of Stow, Massachusetts. He and his wife Huldah were wed in Marlboro, New Hampshire on April 23, 1728.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Wetherbee, EMU athletic director, has transformed the department through numerous initiatives such as building a new Student-Athlete Performance Center. Additionally, he added women’s lacrosse to the varsity lineup and hired 10 head coaches during his tenure with EMU.

He has served on various Mid-American Conference committees and earned Diversity, Equity and Inclusion certification from the league. Furthermore, he oversaw the construction of two collegiate sports facilities on campus – Dudy Noble Field and Davis Wade Stadium.

Wetherbee is a graduate of Ball State University who began his college athletics career at Ferris State University. His expertise spans media relations, marketing, sponsorships and video production; he has collaborated extensively with IMG Sports on contracts and sponsorships while building an efficient technology team to manage social media initiatives.

Achievements and Honors

John has been awarded the American Meteorological Society’s highest certification: Certified Broadcast Meteorologist. He served as president of a local chapter and currently sits on the AMS Broadcast Meteorology Board.

Over his career, he has performed across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America. He is represented on Naxos, Seize the Music Records, Weasel Records and Vienna Modern Classics labels; additionally he was featured on a recording with Columbus Symphony Orchestra performing Jules Massenet’s sublime “Meditation” from Thais.

Wetherbee has earned numerous honors, including the George Hardesty Prize and Ashworth Artist Award for his instrumental performance. He is also a faculty member at the College of Music at the University of Colorado at Boulder and has been a guest artist at numerous festivals such as Siena International Music Program, Aspen Music Festival and Garth Newell Center.

Personal Life

John Wetherbee was an acclaimed weatherman and meteorologist, having earned certification from the American Meteorological Society – their highest accolade in this field.

He has served on a number of national committees and was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. Additionally, he belongs to an AMS chapter near him and serves as its president.

In 1997, he founded his RADIO WEATHER SERVICE to offer one-of-a kind lifestyle weather forecasts to 161 radio stations across all time zones and three networks. As a certified broadcast meteorologist, his work has been recognized by the American Meteorological Society with an award.

Net Worth

John Wetherbee (born 1625 in England) is a renowned English author renowned for his sharp witticisms and sense of humour.

He has also penned numerous books and earned himself numerous accolades.

His net worth is believed to range between $1 and $5 million.

He owns 333,753 units of ATI Inc stock and has made 6 trades of this stock since 2019.

John Wetherbee

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