John Whisonant

John Whisonant

John Whisonant has been the subject of much attention lately due to his alleged child molestation case. After being found guilty and sentenced to 21-75 years in prison, Mr. Whisonant will no longer be in the public eye.

In his parole application, Watkins stated that Whisonant should remain in jail where he has no access to children, because any release would pose an “undue risk to public safety.” She thus recommended that Whisonant remain behind bars.

Early Life and Education

John Whisonant was born in South Carolina on March 10, 1845 to John Whisonant and Lucy Ann Whisonant (born FULTON).

He was a man of faith and served Christ Covenant Church in Charlotte, NC for 22 years. Additionally, he had an avid interest in outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.

He was a graduate of J.L. Mann High School in Greenville, SC and Appalachian State University where he played college football on scholarship.

After watching a video of child molestation, his 10-year-old daughter reported that her father had been molesting her and her siblings. At trial, Whisonant was found guilty of five charges including three rapes and gross sexual imposition; he was then sentenced to 21-75 years in prison.

Achievements and Honors

Whisonant has earned numerous honors for his exceptional achievements and efforts. In recognition of his dedication and tireless work on foreign intelligence surveillance matters, he was named one of the Justice Department’s Distinguished Service Award recipients.

He was also honored with the John Marshall Award for Litigation Participation.

Whisonant, a former firefighter for the Alexandria, Virginia Fire Department, has earned multiple accolades and honors. He is an active member of the Alexandria Firefighters Association and has competed in bodybuilding competitions at the World Police and Fire Games.

After viewing a video about child molestation at school, ten-year-old daughter of John Whisonant reported her father had been molesting her and her siblings. Four of his five children had to testify against their own father in open court.

Personal Life

John Whisonant was an abusive man who sexually assaulted several children. Ultimately, he was arrested and charged with five counts of aggravated child abuse.

The charges against him included vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse and digital penetration. A jury found him guilty of all five charges.

Whisonant was sentenced to 21-75 years in prison. Watkins wrote that Whisonant should remain behind bars where he has no access to children.

John Whisonant

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