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John Whittles Net Worth

John Whittle is an Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and General Counsel for Fortinet Inc, worth an estimated $16.3 Million as of February 1, 2023.

He is a longtime Palm Beach County resident and board certified by the Florida Bar in business litigation and civil trial law. Additionally, he belongs to the Palm Beach County Bar Association.

Early Life and Education

John Whittle was born in Coventry, England and grew up and attended high school in Harrison, New Jersey.

After graduating, he pursued a career in aviation. He worked as both a flight instructor and test pilot while developing an engine capable of reaching high speeds at higher altitudes.

In 1930, he applied for a patent on his invention and received it the following year. Subsequently, he sought manufacturers to produce it as well as private financial backing to finance the venture.

Unfortunately, the Depression made it difficult for Whittle to secure investors and companies willing to make investments. Nonetheless, he managed to found success with Power Jets Ltd. and secured several patents for the business.

Professional Career

John Whittles began his professional football career as a goalkeeper for the United Kingdom before moving to New Zealand and working in player development. In 2022 he was appointed as the first full-time academy coach at Featherstone Rovers.

John has a wide-ranging practice, representing individuals, businesses, municipalities, political parties and local elected officials in civil litigation such as commercial and employment law. He is board certified in business litigation and trial law.

He is a member of the Florida Bar and admitted to all Florida courts. He has represented clients in jury and non-jury trials alike, having appeared before both the U.S. Supreme Court and Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals on numerous occasions.

Achievements and Honors

John Whittles not only invented the jet engine, but he was an accomplished pilot as well. He piloted various types of aircraft and earned himself a place in history by being awarded with Royal Air Force Order of Merit for his contributions to aviation.

He earned the Victoria Cross and Distinguished Conduct Medal for gallantry during World War I, later serving as a pilot and instructor.

He was born in Coventry, England and attended local schools until he was fifteen. Afterwards he applied to join the Royal Air Force and was accepted as an apprentice pilot.

After his initial training, he was posted to the officers’ engineering course at Henlow. While managing his day-to-day responsibilities, he meticulously designed his first turbojet. In 1930, he sought patent protection for his invention and attempted to find manufacturers interested in producing it; however, due to the Great Depression, this endeavor proved unsuccessful.

Personal Life

Whittle was a loving husband, father and grandfather who lived a full life. He enjoyed wood working, camping and golfing as well as spending time with his family and friends.

Whittle was decorated with two Victoria Crosses for his bravery during the First World War. For his valiant efforts, British and Australian troops were successfully defended from enemy attack during this conflict.

In his retirement years, Whittle developed an interest in local history. He co-founded the Hargrave and Huxley Historical Society and wrote several books about its past. Additionally, he and his wife Kay enjoyed walking together, taking on hills and exploring Lancashire’s countryside. Furthermore, Whittle served on several boards such as children’s charities and women’s refuges; his kindness and generosity earned him widespread acclaim.

Net Worth

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John Whittles

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