John Widecan

John Widecan – Associate Athletic Director for

Football Operations

If you ever have a question about football at UC, John Widecan is the man to ask. He has been around longer than anyone else and can provide all of the institutional knowledge needed to answer your query.

He has served as the Associate AD for Football Operations since 1989 and is one of college football’s most dedicated staffers. We should recognize his hard work and outstanding commitment to our program!

Early Life and Education

He was born and raised in Wickliffe, Ohio – a suburb of Cincinnati. With a masters degree in public administration from The Ohio State University and membership in the American Football Coaches Association, he has scouted and coached some of football’s greatest stars. A true Bearcat at heart, he has an undying affection for his alma mater’s football program just like everyone else does.

Professional Career

John Widecan is an insightful strategic thinker who sees the big picture and devises strategies for long-term success. Additionally, his talent for relationship management and ability to foster an environment built on integrity, openness, and honesty make him highly sought-after by clients.

He has spearheaded the University of Cincinnati football program’s rise to become one of the nation’s premier programs in recent years. As Director of Football Operations when Cincinnati made their first trip to the College Football Playoff in 2015, he had been with UC since 1989 and served in a leadership role ever since.

He has remained a staunch Bearcat throughout many coaching changes that could have cost him his job. Yet he has kept the program running smoothly despite these difficulties, earning our vote for her!

Personal Life

John Widecan has been an invaluable asset to the University of Cincinnati for nearly two decades. As associate athletic director for football operations since 2000, his duties include managing all aspects of team administration – from travel arrangements and events to camps, clinics and the training table – while managing video needs that earned him recognition as Conference USA Video Coordinator of the Year in 2012.

Over the past 15 years, John Widecan has stayed with UC and kept the program intact. He’s one of the most loyal Bearcats I’ve ever known and deserves all the support we can give him from Cincinnatians. Please cast your vote for him and help keep him in his current position!

John Widecan

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