Johnston Beagle Farm

Johnston S Beagle Farm is a great place to take your Beagle. This kennel is located in Macedonia, Illinois. Johnston Beagle, the owner, started his journey at age 14 and continued on until he was fifty years old. Almost two decades later, the kennel is the largest in Southern Illinois and continues to provide quality Beagles for a wide variety of people.

If you are looking to adopt a dog or puppy from Johnston’s Beagle Farm, you are in luck. Their owners are committed to the welfare of their dogs. They are always available to answer any questions and make themselves available for appointments. Their team includes Robert R. Johnston Iii and Scott Johnston, Glen Johnson and Dennie D. Johnston Jr. You can even meet the owners themselves.

The Ottawa family has more than 45 years of experience in breeding beagles. They are one of few Illinois beagle breeders. The Ottawa family breeds only dogs it owns, and places great emphasis on health and well-being. Their beagles receive premium food and medical attention. They live on a farm with other animals, including cats or dogs. The family also strives to uphold the highest standards of breeding.

Magnolia Acres Kennel is another wonderful place to bring your beagle home. This family-owned and operated facility specializes in rabbit hunting Beagle puppies and runs a socialization program to help new owners with the dog. Beagle puppies range in price depending on the bloodline, speed, and color. Although a puppy can be expensive, the breeder’s quality life is well worth the investment.

K-Run Beagles is a small family-run business located in Southern Illinois. The breeder is committed to maintaining AKC standards and breeding healthy, well-behaved beagles. They regularly bathe all of their dogs and practice MLS exercises to ensure good health and a good temperament. The dogs are not only healthy and well-balanced, but the owners are dedicated to keeping them happy and spoiled.

The kennel offers AKC registered Beagle puppies but does not offer a lifetime guarantee. While Midwest breeders do not guarantee health and genetics, they do provide a meeting with the parents and breeders. For about $900, a Beagle puppy from Johnston Beagle Farm is worth the price. The family is committed to breeding high-quality Beagles, and has won numerous championships.

Johnston Beagle Farm
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