Johnston’s Beagle Farm

Johnston’s Beagle farm is a great place to start your search for a Beagle. Johnston S Beagle Farm is located in Macedonia Illinois. It specializes in General Farms Primarily Crop. Customers are pleased with their purchase, which has an average star rating score of 3.5 out 5 In fact, Johnston’s Beagle Farm was rated the best beagle kennel in Southern Illinois, by consumers.

The owners of Johnston’s Beagle Farm are dedicated to the welfare of their pets and are available by appointment. Additional contact information is available for Robert R. Johnston Iii and Shantacy Johnston, Scott Johnston and Glen Johnson. Dennie D. Johnston Jr. and Gerald A. Johnston are also available. All owners are dedicated to providing the best possible service for their customers, and this includes the care and handling of their puppies.

The breeder is an Ottawa family with 45 years of experience in beagle breeding. The Ottawa family is one of the few Illinois beagle breeders. They focus on holistic beagle health. The farm is AKC-registered and abides by the highest breeding standards. The farm raises beagles alongside other animals, and the dogs receive premium food and medical care.

Magnolia Acres Puppies is another Midwest beagle breeder with award-winning rabbit hunter Beagle pups. Magnolia Acres takes their pups through basic training and socialization, making it easier for the new owner to care for their pup. As a family-owned and operated beagle farm, Magnolia Acres is committed to producing high-quality Beagles with no congenital defects. The cost of a Beagle depends on its bloodline, speed, color, and more.

K-Run Beagles will start breeding your Beagle puppy when you order it. They will continue to breed for at least six months. The litter is then vetted before it is handed to the customer. Because this breeder is a small family, K-Run Beagles is also open to personal visits. Customers can visit the parents to see their lives.

Johnston’s Beagle Farm
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