Jordyn Woodruff’s Net Worth 


Jordyn Woodruff is a social media star, having accumulated a net worth of more than five million dollars. She is currently a reporter and content creator for Barstool Sports. She was originally hired as an underground TikTok correspondent. But she decided to make her content.

Early life 

Jordyn Woodruff was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on June 14, 1995.

Tracy Woodruff, her mother, is an avid Instagram user and Scott Woodruff is her father. She is blessed to have a brother named Colton and an exquisite home.

Before jumping into the content creation game, she spent years working in the field of publicity and communication. Her previous employers include EPIC Management Fargo, UnumUnum, AON, and the AroundCampus Group.


She got her Bachelor of Science from North Dakota State University. She also went to the University of the Sunshine Coast to study abroad.


Woodruff has fundamentally turned into the main master news busybody in the Tik Tok world.No one has the time to keep up with the Tik Tok community. Woodruff is sought out by people who care, for whatever reason.

 At Barstool, she is going to make a name for herself. especially when they keep trying to keep up with the Tik Tok community. even if doing so means spotlighting a 45-year-old man on a show that frequently interviews teenagers.

The new content idea that Woodruff has come up with, “blocked,” is brilliant and will only help her become a company star. Everyone has a crazy story about how someone important blocked them. 

Because I pointed out that he is THE WORST, the coward who runs the Senior Bowl blocks me. Point is, everyone got no less than one story like that assuming they’re in the substance world.

Jordyn has been featured on KFC Radio, as well as on the popular ‘Obsessed’ show. She was a co-star on the popular show Bryce Corridor. It is unknown whether she and Corridor have ended their relationship or not. However, Jordyn hasn’t been shy about claiming she has a crush on Corridor.

she is also the author of several informative and entertaining blogs. While she may be best known for her viral TikTok videos, she is also an avid blogger and Instagram user. She is also a fan of surfing and has shared some pictures of her surfing adventures in the past.

Net worth 

The work that helped Jordyn Woodruff become a Tik Tok star in the first place accounts for the majority of her income. Nonetheless, her precise total assets aren’t known. 

Social media 

Aside from her job, she has managed to build a rabid following on Twitter and Instagram, making her a bona fide celeb.

On the platform, she has 23.4k followers.

Woodruff is also available on TikTok and YouTube. She is very active on TikTok; as of right now, she has 345.7 thousand followers. On Instagram, Jordyn gives a glimpse into her family.

Jordyn Woodruff is also known for her work at OnlyFans. For starters, her TikTok videos have been viewed millions of times and she has also amassed a large number of followers. 


In addition to her responsibilities as a reporter at Barstool Sports, 

Moreover, Jordyn Woodruff is one of the biggest fans of Dave Portnoy and the Solely Fans podcast. She has gotten a lot of attention from the rockstar. 

She is also a member of the High Minneapolis St. Paul Space, a group of like-minded media enthusiasts who are dedicated to promoting a more socially responsible culture of engagement.

This includes the establishment of charitable organizations that aid those in need, namely women and children. One such organization, which was founded by Woodruff, is called the Solely Fans Foundation.


Despite her many talents, Woodruff is still single. According to her LinkedIn profile, she isn’t interested in getting married. And while it’s true that she isn’t in the market for a spouse, it’s also true that she isn’t in a hurry to do so. Hopefully, she’ll find the right partner soon.


She has “Real Tea” and “TikTok Tea” feature areas on her Instagram account where she discusses the conflict between TikTok and other platform influencers. On the platform, she has almost 7 million followers. In 2015, she posted pictures of herself surfing and skydiving.


In Conclusion, Jordyn Woodruff has made a name as a social media personality and she is a rising star in the realm of online entertainment and diversion.

She has acquired a ton of notoriety as of late and a considerable lot of her recordings and photographs that are becoming a web sensation have been shared commonly on the stage and there are a few URLs and a connection that is drifting concerning her.

She will undoubtedly continue to make waves in the industry thanks to her appeal and engaging content.

Jordyn Woodruff’s Net Worth 
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