Jorge Masvidal Makes His Highest Paid Fight

Jorge Masvidal will face Usman Kamaru in UFC 251, making it his highest-paid fight to date. Masvidal made his professional debut in 2003 and fought for different promoters before joining the UFC. He began his career in the AFC and won a fight against Brandon Bledsoe. His recent contract extension is likely to keep him in the top-three when it comes to pay.

The new deal for Jorge Masvidal means he is one of the top three highest-paid fighters in the UFC, according to MMA He’s currently scheduled to face Colby Covington this weekend. Covington and Masvidal have been at odds for a while now, dating back to the fall of their friendship. However, their fight this weekend may be the best way to regain their friendship.

Masvidal is a UFC record-holder and has fought some of the best MMA fighters. His wins include Nate Diaz and Kamaru Usman. He also holds the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history, a five-second KO over Ben Askren. His last fight against Diaz was a technical knockout.

According to reports, the new contract is the most lucrative in MMA history. Masvidal landed a huge contract with the UFC, and his next fight is slated to be against Colby Covington. The news was made public on Thursday. It’s not yet clear if the contract will be permanent. The Mexican striker, who became a professional in 2010, is now the most popular in the UFC and on the verge to becoming the sport’s top star.

In UFC 272, Masvidal will be battling Colby Covington in a pay-per-view main event. Masvidal has had a long and successful career, having fought for Bellator, Bodog, and Strikeforce. Masvidal won 10 out of his first 15 Octagon fights. He finally broke through in 2019 however.

The pay structure for a welterweight title fight is quite complicated, but Masvidal and Covington have one of the most attractive contracts in the UFC. This fight will be a big draw and the UFC has been searching for a way of making it a moneymaking event. It will also mark Masvidal’s highest-paid fight. Although it is unlikely that this fight would be his highest-paid fight, it is still expected it to be the most lucrative MMA match.

Jorge Masvidal Makes His Highest Paid Fight
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