Jorge Masvidal’s Funniest Moments in MMA

Jorge Masvidal has had many funny moments throughout his career. Below, we’ve compiled some of his funniest moments in MMA. Have a look! You might be surprised at just how far he’s come. In addition to his fights, Masvidal has had plenty of interesting quotes and one-liners that are sure to make you smile. These moments are worth looking out for!

During a recent appearance on UFC 241, Masvidal found himself sitting behind Covington. Covington told him he was “unprofessional” for trying to fight him at a UFC event. After Masvidal confronted Covington, security changed his seat, and three security guards flanked him throughout the rest of the card. Masvidal told Covington that he invited him to a sushi dinner after the fight.

He broke the rules of UFC. It was one of his most memorable moments. He made a rule against trash talking and tweeted that Covington was “the weakest man in UFC history”. Masvidal was upset that Lambert had made this rule after Covington spent nearly a year bashing his teammates in the press. He continued to taunt his opponent. That led him to question Covington’s loyalty to the UFC.

There are also funny moments that involve Jorge Masvidal’s former friends. Among these are a fight outside a restaurant in Miami. According to Andy Slater, the fight took place in Miami Beach. Andy Slater posted about the fight between the former friends. The fight was captured on camera and the pair later reconciled. It is now on TV. They will face off in the main event at UFC 272 on November 16.

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Covington’s fight against Masvidal was the most entertaining fight of his career. The two fought twice and shared great moments as friends. Masvidal also once compared himself to Batman and referred to Covington as his “sidekick.” Masvidal thought the comments were a joke, even though they weren’t meant to be insulting. These are funny moments that are worth recollecting.

Jorge Masvidal’s Funniest Moments in MMA
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