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Josef Zotter is an Austrian confectioner, inventor and entrepreneur. How rich is Josef Zotter?

Entrepreneur. Born on February 21, 1961 in Feldbach, Austria. Josef Zotter fortune is estimated at around 75 million euros. In 1987 Josef Zotter finished his work as head of gastronomy and opened four cafés in Graz that bear his name. There he spread the “handmade” concept. In 1996 the pastry chef went bankrupt, which resulted in the closure of its branches. In 1999, Zotter opened the Zotter Chocolate Manufactory, which essentially specializes in the inventive use of chocolate.

Bourgeois name: Josef Zotter
Spouse: Ulrike Zotter
Children: Julia Zotter, Michael Zotter, Valerie Zotter
Josef Zotter size: 1.83 m
Nationality: more Austrian
His career began: 1987

What is Josef Zotter’s net worth?
Josef Zotter’s assets are currently € 75 million.

Established organization: Zotter chocolate
Books: A new economy: back to sense, headstand with fresh fish.
Is also often searched for: Christian Millau, Henri Gault, Barbara Knapp, Jean Lenoir.

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Josef Zotter fortune

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