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Joseph Prince is senior pastor of the New Creation Church in Singapore, one of the largest modern churches in Asia. He is also the author of several books. Most of his theology emphasizes the grace of life. In general he can be counted among the preachers of the so-called word-of-faith theology. How rich is Joseph Prince?

Parish pastor, author. Born on May 15, 1963 in Singapore. Joseph Prince fortune is estimated at around 5 million euros. Since 2005, Prince has become an influential but also controversial speaker. His fame grew after Brian Houston invited him to speak at the Grace and Favor Seminar at Hillsong Church in Sydney and Hillsong Church London in 2006. Since then he has been a popular speaker at evangelical conferences around the world.

Bourgeois name: Joseph Prince
Spouse: Wendy Prince (married 1994)
Children: Justin Prince, Jessica Prince.
Joseph Prince size: 1.80 m
Nationality: Singaporean
His career began: 1990
Training: Commonwealth Secondary School.

What is Joseph Prince’s net worth?
Joseph Prince’s net worth is currently € 5 million.

Books: Eat Your Way to Life and Health, Destined to Reign, Live the Let-Go Life, The Power of Right Belief.
Does he play alongside: Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Derek Prince, Creflo Dollar.

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Joseph Prince fortune

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