Joshua Graham in Fallout New Vegas

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Joshua Graham is a character in Fallout New Vegas. In the game, he is an ambitious missionary who gets caught up in Caesar’s rise to power and becomes a legate. He is now humbled after being burned at his stake. His faith in God and intense grudge against Caesar are what keep him alive.

Joshua Graham is one the most well-designed characters in Fallout. Not only does he have an interesting and well-developed personality, but he also has a distinctive appearance. NPCs in Bethesda games are often similar to Joshua, but Joshua is different. He looks like a cowboy mummified with a SWAT vest, and his voice is different from the rest.

Joshua Graham was originally from the Mormon faith and was a founding member Caesar’s Legion. He was known for his moral compass, but was also known for his villainous ways. Ultimately, Joshua was executed by Caesar after failing to capture the Hoover Dam and burnt in the Grand Canyon.

Joshua Graham in Fallout New Vegas
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