Justin Herbert Becomes a Twitter Sensation

The Los Angeles Chargers quarterback, Justin Herbert, has recently become a viral sensation on Twitter. The Chargers’ most-loved player in the first half of Herbert’s rookie season has been the quarterback. After being selected with the No. 6 pick, Herbert has sparked conversation with his new buzzcut and feathered hairstyle. Twitter has been abuzz about Herbert’s new look. These are some of his tweets which got the Internet buzzing.

While there are many things to like about the second-year quarterback, the Chargers have a big problem with his mobility and passing game. They have a very short field, and they want to limit Herbert’s ability to drive the ball downfield. The vertical passing game seems to be the most important part of Cincinnati’s game script today. Herbert is not the only reason to be skeptical.

Herbert received his first haircut since either 2017 or 2018. He looked younger with his new haircut. Many people commented on it on Twitter. Many compared him with characters from Star Wars and Toy Story. Other accounts offered answers about his new look. Fans seemed happy with Herbert’s new haircut, regardless of the response. Hebert also tagged his friends and fans in their Twitter posts. Many fans started a conversation about Herbert’s new look.

Justin Herbert Becomes a Twitter Sensation
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