Kaleef McLeod, Father, Brother, and Son

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After being shot multiple times for a senseless crime, Kaleef McLeod survived despite his frailty. He was the father, brother, and son of Angela McLeod, a musician and aspiring singer. Unfortunately, he lost the fight against the gunman. His family is still reeling from the loss and trying to provide for their three young children.

Mcleod was shot 11 times, and he died at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce. On the same day that he was shot, Johnson was arrested. Johnson was arrested miles from the scene of the shooting. His Kia had crashed into a hill. On Nov. 8, Johnson was arrested on charges related to vehicle fleeing and remains in jail. His mother and younger sister are also being held as guardians for Mcleod’s family.

Kaleef McLeod, Father, Brother, and Son
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